Net Branch Efficiency

by : Mike Kimble

With the implosion of the mortgage industry, many individual brokers are searching for a new firm. Even some of the most solid, reputable firms have caved under the pressure of the credit crunch. With so many running to leave the business, the question is… “Who will be left to pick up the pieces in what will return as a lucrative and necessary service industry”.
How can Loan Officers partner together to create efficient operations without the overhead of a costly brick and mortar office environment? Furthermore, how can they stay compliant and provide outstanding customer service without resources and a costly staff? By forming a Net Branch community, individual loan agents can join forces and create an efficient network of connected associates. This net branch strategy enables quick growth, while keeping expenses down.
The net branch strategy requires one thing to have any chance of success…Technology. Hosted solutions (such as Loan NOW - ) are designed to run an efficient loan business, without vast overhead and expense. Loan NOW is a hosted software environment which integrates all the components needed to operate a successful loan business, all in one desktop solution. Loan NOW enables each Net Branch the ability to operate on an island but to be entirely connected to the processors and vendors involved in closing loans.
Loan NOW is designed to automate and expedite originating, processing and closing loans. Loan NOW includes powerful CRM automation which drives loans through the pipeline, and VoIP Telephony for seamless communication with all involved in the loan process. Other components included in Loan NOW are the Paperless File Management and eFax systems. In addition, marketing programs can easily expand your reach with the integrated call center power dialer and IVR feature that works with any high speed Internet connection.
"No system available today provides a Contact Management piece, Integrated Loan Decision Tools, Credit Improvement Programs, Paperless Document Management and a Hosted VoIP Telephone system all in one environment," explains Mike Ammundsen, Closed First's Chief Technology Officer. "No system gives as much power and control to Manager's as the Loan NOW mentoring/coaching programs and reporting features. Loan NOW is transforming the way business gets done in not only the lending industry, but for any organization involved in servicing consumer loans." can help!
Loan NOW is user-intuitive and simple to learn. It makes completing electronic loan documents simple. Loan NOW users will have the ability to identify, price, underwrite and deliver loans much more quickly and efficiently.
Simply put: Loan NOW delivers more closed loans faster!
Call for a no-obligation personal demonstration on Loan NOW and to see how Loan NOW can drastically improve the way you generate leads, originate loans and strengthen relationships with your borrowers.