Bangkok Investment Property

by : Anne Tide

Thailand, one of the most prosperous countries in Southeast Asia, is currently among the top destinations for foreign investors. The metropolis of Bangkok is probably the city with the fastest evolving real estate market in the country. The unique combination of the ancient and modern worlds makes Bangkok attract a large number of tourists as well as investors every year. With a thriving economy and solid infrastructure, the demand on Bangkok development property is constantly rising. Forbest Properties has been a Thailand real estate broker and consultant since 1990, having accumulated a great deal of experience in Thai real estate. The company is dedicated to assisting its clients in locating prime Bangkok investment property.

The number of foreign investors in search of Bangkok development property has dramatically increased over the past few years. The explanation of this unprecedented wave of investors is quite simple - the city of Bangkok has solid growth potential, providing a practically unlimited number of business opportunities. Recent studies conducted by the Thailand Board of Investment reveal that Thailand boasts the largest growth market anywhere in Asia. Furthermore, the country has excellent infrastructure and strong business ties with China. Investors are also drawn to the reasonably priced properties in Bangkok and the good rental potential. One of the main goals of Forbest Properties is helping investors acquire the best Bangkok investment property.

Foreign investors are drawn to Thailand not only because of its growth potential but because of the country's tax policies as well. Unlike most western countries, Thailand doesn't have inheritance or gift taxes. Furthermore, the capital gains tax is charged as the income tax, at the standard rates. Rental policies are also advantageous, as the yields are maintained around the 8% mark in Bangkok. Foreigners can also own freehold condominium if the purchase is done in cash and the building does not exceed 49% of the foreign ownership ratio. Forbest Properties has been in the real estate business for over 17 years - it is the most indicated real estate brokerage firm to aid investors in locating Bangkok investment property.

Investments in foreign real estate must be done with great diligence and the support of an experience real estate broker and consultant. Forbest Properties, the leading real estate broker and consultant in Bangkok, is the most experienced firm in Thailand. With over 17 years of experience in the Thai real estate market, the company has extensive knowledge on every aspect of the market. Forbest Properties is dedicated to assisting foreign and local investors in any real estate transaction. The company supports investments in Bangkok, assisting investors in purchasing prime Bangkok development property.

Potential investors who are looking for Asian property with high development potential will probably choose Bangkok. The Thai metropolis is predicted to become one of the most economically evolved cities in Asia in the next 5 to 10 years. Bangkok investment property in the Central Business Area is currently the main attraction for foreign investors. Forbest Properties is the real estate broker and consultant with the most experience in the Bangkok market. The company offers assistance every step of the transaction, supporting investors in locating Bangkok development property.