Is Bulgaria The Place For You?

by : Gordon Warre

Whether for investment, second home or rental, homes in Bulgaria have found their niche in the overseas property market. The residential markets in Sofia and Varna account for the bulk of luxury homes in Bulgaria while occasional listings in other cities are the exception rather than the rule, says a market overview commissioned to local analytical outfit Industry Watch by Lux Imoti, a local real estate agency specialising in upmarket properties.

The potential for obtaining a holiday home or retirement property is outstanding, said Paul talking at an investors evening focusing on off plan developments, and retirement homes in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria continues to grow.

Bulgaria topped the table for house price growth in 2007. Bulgarian property market 'still has potential' There is still growth to be seen in the Bulgarian market, according to a property expert. Bulgaria is a beautiful country now emerging from dormancy. Bulgaria has worked diligently, through its government and through the private sector, to attract tourists and tourism money into that country over the course of the part five to ten years.

Capturing the building techniques of traditional Bulgaria and mixing ingredients of up-to-date technical requirements has allowed us to create a true combination of Bulgaria old and new. There are lots of areas in Bulgaria where property renovation may not be ideal as the region may lack the essential communication and logistical requirements for renovating property.

Reporting of the building work progress on a regular basis is essential to ensuring your Bulgarian property is going to be a good investment in the future. With areas of renown such as Varna, Bourgas, Nessebar, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, and Pamporovo Ski Resort, buying a home in Bulgaria is no doubt top of the list for those interested in buying into new markets. Twenty years ago, few Brits would have been able to find Bulgaria on a map, let alone tell you anything about the country.

And while demand in the other much heralded place to buy of Croatia appears to have waned, the number of people interested in buying in Bulgaria seems to be showing no sign of falling.

The property market in Bulgaria is extremely dynamic and it might occur that some of the property offered here on our website is sold or reserved, we will contact you with any changes immediately. National park lands abound in Bulgaria, giving the country a growing reputation among nature lovers and outdoor adventurers.

While there are currently no low-cost airlines servicing Bulgaria from the UK, this is expected to change sometime in the near future.