How an Estate Agent Can Help You Search for Property in London

by : Alistair Boscawan

Some pundits are predicting that UK house prices will fall and the real estate market will slow down, but the exclusive central London property market continues to operate on its own rules. No matter how the market turns, one prediction is sure - it pays to use an estate agent in Central London.

Estate agents have all kinds of inside information such as local knowledge about the surrounding area and the properties in the community. You can also benefit greatly from the expertise and experience they have about the Central London market that requires a special focus.

The exclusive market served by central London estate agents seems far removed from the turbulence elsewhere in the housing market where concerns about sub-prime mortgages have fuelled pessimism about the prolonged house price boom and a potential credit crunch. In Belgravia, the quality of buildings, their premium locations and short supply means that they are always highly sought after.

Increasingly, buyers from Brazil, Russia, India and China supplement the local demand. Since they are not in London, they probably don't have the contacts or specialized knowledge, but that is where an estate agent comes in to help out-of-towners maneuver the market.

Reap the Benefits of an Estate Agent

The advantage of using an estate agent is their unrivalled working knowledge of the area and good relations with other local agents and professionals. With vast contacts and a wealth of insider knowledge, much of the work is done before a property is openly advertised.

Estate agents act for the individuals and companies, providing advice and guidance for leaseholders in dealing with the large estates and freeholders. Local agents keep an ear to the ground and often will have provided services to the buyer or seller previously.

Many times, an estate agent will know of a property becoming available, introduce a buyer and agree to a deal for a prompt sale without ever having to advertise - early warning is everything.

There is nothing like peace of mind knowing an expert estate agent is handling your property search and transaction so you, as a buyer, can take care of other business. Central London is a very expensive and volatile market so it is best to go with an industry pro who knows the ins and outs of the real estate market.