The Resorts Of Fabulous Bulgaria

by : Gordon Warre

Bulgarian real estate market has shifted towards maturity and in the years ahead we are unlikely to witness abrupt price rises, the realtor said. Bulgaria is a beautiful mountainous country, small in size but rich in ancient culture, scenic splendour, friendly people and old-fashioned warmth and hospitality. Bulgaria offers many great spa resorts along the coast owing to the specific sea climate combined with curative mineral springs and mud.

Established at the end of the 19-th century as a hunting place for the Bulgarian kings, Borovets gradually developed into a modern ski resort of high-class and luxury hotels, haute-cuisine restaurants and an excellent network of ski runs and lifts along the slopes of Rila Mountains, providing excellent opportunities for the whole range of winter sports from Alpine to cross-country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon. If Bulgaria is such an inexpensive travel destination, then why should second homes, condominiums and resort facilities skyrocket in value to the extent that some say they will.

Considered by many to be Bulgaria's number one ski resort, it has recently received a multi-million euro investment to enable it to have the most modern ski facilities in the country and is a well-established destination for winter sport enthusiasts from all around the world. This is the second-largest ski resort Bulgaria, located 260 kilometres south-east of Sofia and 72 km from the airport Plovdiv. A holiday in Sunny Beach is a stay on the largest resort on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria and it is a perfect choice for a sun, sea and sand holiday.

One of the other definite benefits to buying properties for sale in Bulgaria that are situated in resort communities is found in the fact that these houses for sale in Bulgaria can end up being tremendous investments. Nonetheless, given the current situation in Bulgarian coastal resorts, the ranking sounds more like an advertising campaign. Moreover, its construction and zoning regulations are more flexible and work faster than Bulgarian ones. Borovets used to be a high-class resort where only those of means could swish down the slopes, and many Bulgarians still see it as the paradigm of winter glitz.

Situated in the south east of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is fast becoming the jewel of the Balkans with the increased popularity of its Black Sea resorts, which are scenically captivating with their fine sandy blue flag beaches, sunny climate and safe seas and wonderfully inexpensive too.

Like many of the resorts in Bulgaria, it has been purpose-built to accommodate the tourists who flock here to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful beach.