An Interactive Virtual Tour for Prompting Customers to Act

by : Clint Jhonson

Each time that prospects consult a website, searching for some product, service or property, they expect to involve as much as possible in an activity that has a direct impact on them. These days, more and more businesses manage to get to the points that interest their potential customers without actually consuming the high levels of time and money necessary for each situation that requires moving from one location to another or traveling for longer distances. As an alternative, they are at an advantage with the true-to-life experience that they can provide to potential customers with the possibility of an interactive virtual tour.

An interactive virtual tour gives one the possibility of having incredibly direct contact with certain locations, products or facilities. The 360 virtual tour is all about the supremacy of the visual representation. When they are searching for a house, for instance, homebuyers prepare for a lengthy process, one that might seem never-ending for some of them. Well, an interactive virtual tour can condense the process. Instead of the innumerable hours spent on inspecting the available houses, the 360 virtual tour offers optimization: the homebuyer saves time and energy while having the chance of visually inspecting the corresponding property /properties.

Some might say that this is only visual and, hence, not sufficient to get a complete feeling of the property. However, the visual representation is not the simple one we have all grown used to for years now. On the contrary, due to the 360 virtual tour photography, we are able to grab the image displayed from more than a single perspective. In addition, the technology is widely available because of the wide availability of the Internet. People have already grown used to consulting property listings over the Internet. It will come very easy for them to go online and see what is additional. An interactive virtual tour will be a very satisfying insertion.

What we mean is that, instead of having in front of their eyes a random picture of the house - most often taken from its exterior - people would gladly opt for the insight that a 360 virtual tour can offer. Anyone would prove more satisfied with the feeling of virtually walking in the premises of the available property instead of just clicking on a small image and reading quickly a brief account of its main features. Even more, the invitation for a nice visual walk around the premises is accessible at any time of day and night.

Virtual tour photography makes it possible for potential buyers that are not in the same town or area where the property is situated to be able to view it. In this manner, the decision-making process takes place in full awareness of the features of the properties viewed virtually. Moreover, buyers can engage in virtual tours with as many companions as they want to; the more observers there are the more comprehensive the insight into the property is. The point of view that one obtains from virtual tours is, undoubtedly, broader and more inclusive than the one offered by a simple small photo, at least to what concerns the decorating scheme details of the construction.

In other words, virtual tours exploit the actual desire of the buyer to buy something. When we say that they exploit it, we mean that they make the best of it, by presenting it with the chance of comprehensive access to the features of the object /property for sale. By plunging into this 360-degree virtual walk, the potential buyer accesses new dimensions of the acquisition process - and they access them for their own benefit, not for exclusive the benefit of the real estate dealer.