3 Keys To Building a Successful (Online) Business

by : David Lovelace

Want to know the secret to effectively building a successful online business? I'm afraid the answer may not be what you're expecting.

Take this simple pop quiz. (I know, I haven't given you time to study yet. But I think you'll pass the test anyway).

If you want to build a structurally sound home, you must first do what?

If you said, "Lay a solid foundation". Then congratulations. You've passed! :-)

Building your online business is no different. The secret is not new. Just follow these 3 keys:

1.--> Learn

2.--> Take Action

3.--> Adapt

1. Learn

Educate yourself. But don't re-invent the wheel. Model your business after the blueprints that are already proven. There are systems in place. Follow them! But MOST importantly ...

2. Take Action!

Lack of this step is the single greatest contributor to failure! Educate yourself on the proven systems, then put them into Action. But remember this .. it doesn't matter that it's not perfect. It's not going to be. Just the fact that you did 'something' will motivate you and the momentum will come. If you know what you need to do, then "Just Do It".

3. Adapt

Change is around us all the time. Stay informed. It's just as important to know what Doesn't work as what Does!

Realize that it doesn't come without hard work, desire, patience, perserverance (belief in yourself) - and lots of A-C-T-I-O-N. Did I say that already?

Now here's what to do from here. Take keys and insert into business ignition. Crank and don't look back.

Enjoy the ride!

Copyright 2004 David Lovelace