Offshore Investment Opportunities for High Net worth Individuals

by : Kris Koonar

The general notion is that the rich are getting richer, while there are others aspiring to make it rich. The fact is that there is more money flowing today as compared to any time before. The high net worth individual has put in effort with wisdom in investment opportunities, and is becoming richer by the day. Where is the high net worth individual investing?

One of the investment targets is "offshore". What does this mean? It simply means investing in a country which is other than the one in which you reside. What is the reason behind investing offshore? Countries with low taxes or no taxes for foreigners are the targeted zones, either for personal or corporate investments.

The investments made are in stocks, bonds and securities, and real estate ownership. The legal and taxation laws are unique for foreign investors, whether individual or business. This is where more than half the world's wealth thrives.

The other side of being so overly wealthy brings in high quality life style, which is very expensive. This makes it difficult then to hold onto your wealth and assets. You then get subjected to heavy taxes and need to be careful about the kind of investments you choose, to profit from rather than lose out on.

With the stock market crash that occurred in 2001 and the slow recovery that followed, many of the high net worth individuals suffered tremendous losses from which it took them considerable time to recover. This setback made the high net worth wise enough to start spreading out their investments into many baskets rather than one only, for long time gains.

So how should you organize your wealth so that you could continue to become and stay rich always?

One of the ways is to protect yourself and your expected beneficiaries, estates and assets from heavy taxation. Another way is to create and manage an investment portfolio which is diversified and balanced. This is also a cue for those average investors who want to make it rich.

Today with news channels and other specialized websites updating you on the money market there is much to be informed about investments, risks involved, and how to offset and cope. What really is required for a long term asset growth and protection is the specialized advice of wealth managers.

Today there are offshore financial advisors who offer their services to investors irrespective of their wealth potential. Some suggest buying in the new economy of IT, media and telecoms, and considering pharmaceuticals, which are forward looking rather than stocks and shares.

Some brokers prefer to see where the profits lie and invest accordingly while funds invested in the stock market are left aside to grow. They literally get into the skins of businesspersons to predict where the profit lies. Most sell outs are for redemptions and the volatility of the market. Another thing that people are opting for are the small cap companies rather than the large cap ones. Fund managers are also recommending offshore gilt, equity and umbrella funds.

More and more offshore companies are being hired to legally mitigate taxes and protect your assets.