Retire in Costa Rica

by : Cerro Fresco

Are you trying to figure out where you want to retire? If so, then why not consider Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a beautiful little country and many people are beginning to choose it as a great place to retire. So, why retire in Costa Rica? Well, there are a variety of great reasons to choose this country as the place of your retirement.

Reason #1 - The Costa of Living is Cheap - Believe it or not, one of the main reasons to retire in Costa Rica is that the cost of living is so reasonable. The cost of goods and the cost of services are much cheaper than you would expect. In fact, for a bus ride all across town, you'll only have to pay between $0.25 and $0.50 for a bus ride all across the town. Gas is cheaper too, costing only around $1.75 for a gallon.

Reason #2 - Enjoy the Sun all Year Round - Costa Rica offers a costal paradise, which is one great reason to retire in Costa Rica. The temperatures are nice through the year and there is plenty of sunshine to enjoy as well.

Reason #3 - Low Crime Rate - Another excellent reason to retire in Costa Rica is because of the low crime rate. The country is a very peaceful one; in fact, it is the most peaceful country in the entire region, and there is very little violence or crime that occurs.

Reason #4 - Housing Costs are Reasonable - Whether you want to buy or rent when you retire in Costa Rica, you'll find that the housing costs are very reasonable. Even though the prices are starting to go up, you can still get great deals on property in the country of Costa Rica, and it will be a good investment for the future as well.