Lake Norman Real Estate Market Thriving

by : Joesph Frantz

While so many people across the U.S are wondering where the bottom is as their home steadily falls in value, the greater Charlotte area of North Carolina has been experiencing steady growth and 6% appreciation and this trend is forecast to go on into the future irregardless of a national recession.

The lake Norman NC real estate market in particular is one area that has caught the attention of home buyers that are looking for a change in life style as well as a change in their home investment return during this recession.

People are finding that with a median home price of $225,000 in the Lake Norman NC real estate market area they can now afford to live in the home that they have always dreamed about and with reasonable land prices as well they can also now own acreage instead of just a back yard.

Also; while job markets in most areas of the U.S have been declining and people are being laid off its the exact opposite in the greater Charlotte Lake Norman area, which has been experiencing steady unhindered job growth for years now.

This is due to the fact that businesses have also been discovering North Carolina for some time now, along with home buyers that are looking for a change. Along with the home investment opportunities that that the Lake Norman NC real estate market has to offer, it is also a veritable gold mine for recreational opportunities as well.

Also, North Carolina is literally peppered with historical sites dating back to the civil war era that beckon to be explored. More and more people every day are finding that North Carolina has so much more to offer then where they were living and are now living in the custom dream home that they have always promised their family they would some day own.