The Charlotte North Carolina New Home Market is Expanding

by : Joesph Frantz

If the latest news on the real estate market in the U.S. has gotten you down then maybe its time that you took a good look at the Charlotte North Carolina new home market, because its still going strong. In fact, while home prices have been plummeting in other market areas that were so red hot in previous years, the average price on a home in the greater Charlotte area increased 6% in 2007 and is projected to do the same in 2008.

Also, compared to most other metropolitan ares in the U.S. a buyer gets so much more bang for their buck on a Charlotte North Carolina new home that currently has a median price of $225,000. Unlike other market areas that have grown to depend so heavily on their real estate and home building markets, the business climate in Charlotte and its surrounding communities tends to be far more diversified.

This has worked to shelter its overall economy from fickle fluctuations that often come with the home building and land speculation business. This combined with an abundance of reasonably priced land means that you can now afford to own the big custom home of your dreams or ranchette that you have always planned on owning.

The Charlotte North Carolina new home market just doesn't go through the boom to bust cycles that so many other markets tend to do and it is for this reason that you can count on the home that you buy in the greater Charlotte area not to depreciate in value as so many homes across the U.S. have recently done. This lack of a boom cycle has also worked to keep home building industry labor costs down, which in turn has reflected directly on the average cost of a Charlotte North Carolina new home.