How To Avoid Email Filters That Prevent Responsible Emails

by : Dave Tan

Email is no doubt one of the most effective form of communication. Virtually anyone with Internet Access must have at least an email account. Email messages can be sent to anywhere in the world, to any email address, and cost almost next to nothing except for your Internet access fee.

This form of communication certainly gives small / home business owners a highly advantageous point to compete with larger corporation on the net for a piece of their well deserved share of the market.

In case you haven't notice already, it's getting harder than ever to get your email messages or newsletters delivered correctly to your subscribers now. With all those fancy spam-killer and anti-spam filter softwares, as a legitimate and responsible webmaster / publisher we are seriously affected in the process and thus have to do double work just to get our newsletters delivered properly. Why?

Recipients with SPAM filter software installed in their email accounts will filter out any messages that it *think* may be SPAM. The filter software will scan through your messages and search for the most obvious trigger (SPAM) words like: money, sex, guarantee, unsubscribe, etc...I'm sure you get the idea.

This is actually very outrageous as most of the words filtered our are actually important words that are indispensable to writing an effective email messages / newsletter. If your email messages contained any trigger words, the spam filter software will either put your email messages into the bulk folder or bounce back entirely. Seriously, who will even bother to open the bulk folder and read through each messages?

Fortunately, there's a workable solution to this problem...let's take a look at the following examples.

Example 1: FREE is one of the trigger words you should avoid using.

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Example 2: FR*EE however is not same as FREE, is it?

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That's right, you can disguise those important triggers words just by inserting a simple keyboard symbol but be sure that you do not overdo it and make it too cryptic that your readers can't understand.

Note: This is not a 100 percent solution that your email will not be filtered out but it's sure better than using the word FREE directly only to have your email sent to the bulk folder and deleted later. That's why it's always better to test your email messages / newsletter thoroughly before sending them to your subscribers. Luckily I've recently came across a website that will check your email message content for FREE and tells you how it ranks in Spam Assassin.

The site name is Lyris' Content Checker -

All you have to do is copy your email messages and paste it into the huge textbox. They will check your email messages and send you an email report within minutes.

You can learn a lot more about following up on your subscribers with Autoresponder Magic.

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And E-Mail Marketing Strategies Revealed -

That's all for this article, good luck at getting a lower score in Spam Assassin by the way! :-)

Best Regards,

Dave Tan

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