Why Downtown L.a. Living is so Great

by : Quinn Kiet

Living in or close to a downtown center puts a person in the middle of it all. With restaurants, galleries, museums and all sorts of other things to do, all within walking distance, there's really no other place downtowners ever need to be.

Oftentimes, for people who live downtown, the commute to work is very short. This is especially true for people who find a home with enough room in it for their home-based business. The arts district of downtown L.A. provides an excellent location for artists, dancers or musicians to open studios right in or near to where they live. As a new wave of development expands the arts district, more housing will become available and it will become even more valuable. Not only do residents there enjoy the benefits of living so close to their job, they are also close to a vast client base. Even if you do not work from home, living downtown provides easy access to so many workplaces, it's a wonder that anyone wastes so much time commuting!

Living downtown has a variety of perks. As mentioned above, restaurants and other sources of entertainment are so easily accessed. There's no such thing as drunk driving if the pub you love is right downstairs from your apartment! Living so close to so many amenities means you'll be walking places, getting exercise and seeing the faces of the people in your neighborhood. Nearby parks become places to have picnics or take the dog for a run (just keep Fido on the leash in downtown L.A, residents haven't yet succeeded in getting an off-leash park for dogs, yet).

The Grand Central Market is both a fun pastime, and a great source of the best in local and international food. The sense of community that is attained by a group of people living, working, eating and playing all in the same place, is unbeatable. Even in the biggest cities, downtown residents can create their own little worlds, communities reflecting the spirit of a small town. Yet the large population offers a variety of new friends every day, new participants for your painting or guitar workshop, and a bit of anonymity that allows you to express your flamboyant side without hesitation. It's like the best of both worlds.

Living in downtown L.A. is like living right in the middle of an art museum. The futuristic Bradbury Building is contrasted against the historic district, which is as full of beautiful loft housing as an apple tree in the fall. New development over the past three or so years has seen the housing industry boom. This means there is lots of selection for anyone wanting to live downtown.