How To Write Your Own Profitable eBook

by : Dave Tan

With so many info products covering all kinds of topics available online today, you might be thinking is it really possible to write your own unique eBook at all. It is possible and real trick is to find new problems and turn them into solutions - your own unique info products.

You will find that they are actually a lot of topics not covered yet and somehow at certain point you wish you can find the solutions (eBooks) that will solve that certain problem. Even if there's already an eBook covering a particular topic, there is always new and better ways of solving that problem.

Everyone has their own set of problems, if you can create a product that will solve their problems instantly and offer it at the right price, you already have a winner info product.

But to actually write and put together an eBook requires a systematic approach and you have to be eager enough to write about it. Here are a few tips to help you with your info product creation:

Only write about topics that you're passionate about

If you're not passionate and excited about what you're writing, you will automatically treat it as some kind of boring chores. Your writing will show this and ultimately you won't have the patience or zest to complete the whole eBook - it will just be one of those unfinished writings that will be lost forever.

Write when you're happy or in a good mood

It is a known fact that we will perform better when we are happy. If you're in a foul mood or worried about something, forget about writing. You won't get anything done correctly unless your thoughts are clear and ready.

Be brave and write your ideas down even if it appears silly

Even the most craziest idea can be a winner. You never know unless you have finished writing it and test it thoroughly. Be creative and brave, persist till the end. :-)

Collect everything you need and organize them into points

It will be easier to write an eBook if you have all the resources collected first and organized them into point. This way you won't experience writer block so often. This will definitely speed up the writing process.

When you have finished writing the whole eBook, make sure you check it thoroughly for spelling and grammar mistakes. You can even have your friends read it first for some positive feedback and constructive criticism.

After that, you can start creating the eBook cover for your unique info product, write a killer sales copy, and set up a simple website to sell it automatically with an online merchant account.

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That's all for this article, good luck creating your own unique eBook!

Best Regards,

Dave Tan

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