How to Create Exciting Ebay Real Estate Auctions

by : Maria Gudelis

An internet based company that deals with various products and services, and conducts online auctions is what has made eBay so popular. Ever since it was started in the USA it has moved on to create websites catering to different countries and has created a revolution in online shopping arena. The online auction was started way back in 1995, and the past decade has proved how much people rely on these to purchase various goods and real estate properties. They have created various formats to draw maximum visitors, who might turn into prospective buyers if the information given is what they were looking for.

According to Maria Gudelis, an eBay real estate specialist, in order for eBay real estate auctions to appeal to the general public, it has to be-

1. Attractive - We are referring to the kind of information and images that are posted on the auction site. The pictures of the various homes available across the country should be clear and taken by a professional. Every room in the house of office building must be highlighted with details of the floor space, the furniture and fittings already in place. This will help the viewer of the site to make a choice on whether this is what they are looking for or to move on.

If there is a video or virtual tour of the place, this would make it more exciting. The person viewing the sight will get a better idea of the place and visualize what it would be like to live in such a space.

2. Price- Since eBay is known to offer homes at fair market price, the price quoted in the auction should be on par with the market rate. If there are any extra discounts offered or if the house is near the beach, these need to be mentioned in bold so it grabs the eye of the person interested in such a property.

3. Approachable - Make sure that the home owners are approachable in case the interested person wants to have a talk with them regarding the property listed. If they have any queries they must be able to get answers. And in case the new buyer wants to move in immediately, the house must be available and in good condition

4. Neighborhood - Most of the online real estate sites talk only about the home, and its key features, they neglect to mention information about the neighborhood. If the online auction you run can give details about the community, the various amenities and where they are all available this would make it far more exciting and add an edge to your site.

5. Advertise - Place banners or advertisements on various places in your website, to pique the curiosity of the user. This will get them to go to that page to know more about the information given in the ad. Make sure the ad talks about the attractive aspects of the homes being promoted to lead to a subsequent purchase. The real estate auction site will hereby draw more visitors.