The Explosive Growth of Ebay Real Estate

by : Maria Gudelis

A lot of people regard eBay as an online garage sale, but did you know that you can actually sell your garage (and the home that goes with it) on eBay? The number of eBay real estate listings is growing daily and there are more and more people who are successfully making money buying and selling homes on eBay. Maria Gudelis is one of these people, and she shares her knowledge and tips for success in a popular blog.

There are advantages to listing your home or property in the eBay real estate pages, firstly your house will be advertised for sale world wide - investors from all over the world can find it, as well as people from other areas of the country or overseas who are moving to your area. EBay has a membership of over 100 million people worldwide registered and these numbers are growing daily - any of these people will be able to see your listing and potentially could buy your property. Maria Gudelis has recently published a blog post on how to have the best chance of success by making your eBay add stand out from the crowd.
Another advantage to selling your property on eBay is that you will be able to save on the expensive estate agents fees, by selling privately you can forego an agent and use a lawyer, solicitor or a conveyancer to do the legal paperwork involved in transferring the ownership.

There are three different sales methods available for eBay real estate listings; the traditional eBay auction, a fixed price (buy it now) listing and a more traditional classified add style listing - much like the classified ads in your local paper. So eBay has a method of sale that will suit every seller whether you need to sell your house immediately with an eBay action, or have the time to wait for a sale using the fixed price or classified ad methods.

For those looking to invest in property eBay can be a very good place to find bargain properties not only locally but all over the world. With a little research you can find real estate 'hot spots' all over the world and then search the eBay real estate listings to find a bargain in those locations. There are many entrepreneurs and professional investors such as Maria Gudelis who have made considerable gains by investing in property that has been listed on eBay.

EBay is such a popular website all over the world that many people now search its listings for products (including houses and property) that they want to buy before going out into the real world to look for these same items. eBay has become a place where consumers consider they will find a bargain even for real estate.

One way we can see and be sure of the growing popularity and effectiveness of eBay real estate listings is to see how many real estate agents and banks are now listing properties that they have in their portfolios on eBay. These professionals would not waste their time and money if it did not work - and there are more and more real estate agents and investors listing property on eBay everyday! If it's good enough for the big boys and they can make a profit then it is well worth considering eBay to sell your home or property, or to find investment properties.