Common Real Estate Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by : Craig Berger

Marketing for real estate is difficult, but is it because of the tactics you use? Quality marketing campaigns yield results. Read on to find about some tried-and-true advertising approaches that work.

Real Estate Marketing With Design

When you look at an advertisement, you notice its physical appearance. What kind of design do you have in your ads? Many real estate ads have little design element with more copy and fewer photos or pictures.

Most people are visual learners and thus respond to pictures faster than words. Find a way to spread your message with eye-catching design.

Moreover, if you are using flyers as part of your marketing campaign, do not be afraid to leave some of the page blank. A stellar image will say so much more than crammed writing.

Know What You Are Marketing

Successful advertising relies on repetition. By stating the same thing over and again, you create an overall theme or a connection between different versions of the same message. The concept of 'brand awareness' plays out nicely and works to your advantage in this situation.

Changing your message does not help, since you want consumers to associate your name with a particular idea. Stick to the same message. Think about what you want your advertisement to say and then use that message repeatedly.

Thoroughly develop a long-term marketing campaign. Not only is it cheaper to market in bulk, you are also effectively repeating your message.

Know How To Market Yourself

What is your selling proposition? What makes you stand out amongst other realtors? Establish a difference between you and everyone else in order to set yourself apart with your marketing campaign and networking skills. You want people to think of your name when it comes to real estate, not your competitors.

While your campaign is running, keep an updated inventory of contacts. Keeping in touch with professionals in the real estate field, such as mortgage brokers, allows you to network easily. Use every opportunity to add new names to the list, because you never know when that name will come in handy.