What is the Condo Hotel ?

by : Tom Budniak

Condo Hotel is a residential building that is used both as a condominium and a Hotel. Though Condo hotels are not a new concept, they are getting increasingly popular with each day. The reasons behind their popularity are not that hard to find. Hotel developers are finding it difficult to get finance for the hotel projects and development projects are increasing. In this scenario, it makes perfect sense for hotel developers to sell condo units of their hotels to individuals rather then fund the whole hotel with their own money or loans. For Condo unit owners, it gives them a chance to own a private residence in a Five star hotel with an option to earn money as rental. Condo Hotels in Playa del Carmen Real Estate and Cancun, Mexico are an excellent risk free investment opportunity in today's low interest rate and volatile stock market scene. Condo Hotels generally feature star class amenities and are located near a popular vacation destination. Every big player in the hotel industry is now enterin in this highly popular and lucrative business. A condo units owner can stay there whenever he likes and for the rest of the period, he can place unit under Condo Hotel Management's rental program. Condo Hotels management markets individual investor's condo unit as a hotel, handles reservation, takes care of the front desk and maintenance. In exchange, the hotel management gets a part of the revenue from the rental. Many developers offer an array of hotel services available to condo hotel unit owners like valet, concierge, maid and spa services, restaurants etc.

Playa del Carmen is a vibrant beach-side city located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It's a base from which Mayan Reviera can be explored. It has unspoiled white sandy beaches and clear caribbean sea. It's very popular with American and European tourists. Many of whom also buy second homes here in Playa del carmen. Condo Hotels in Playa del Carmen are really good options. Playa del Carmen and Cancun Real Estate is booming every year. And therefore properties appreciate every year. There are lot of options when it comes to buying Condo Hotel in Playa del Carmen. The Fives By Karisma, Aldea Thai, Pueblito Escondido, Viceroy Mayakoba are few of the condo hotesl that provide world class amenities along with great location and services.

Author : Tom Budniak