Tips to Avoid Tormenting Tenants

by : Andrew Taylor

There is nothing more frustrating as a landlord than waiting for your rent to come. You wait for a few weeks or months but all in vain. You make a phone call to your tenant, and get all kinds of excuses.

Every year, more than 100,000 people, become landlords. And every year, around 30,000 people are evicted from rented properties in the UK. There is a growing number of landlord tenant issues in UK. A large number of landlords have to take measures to evict their tenants on the grounds of anti-social behavior, the breach of contract, and the most common problem is the non-payment of rent.

So it's in best interests to do your homework before giving your property on rent. Eviction is a time-consuming and complex process. Any landlord would do better without it. There are certain things to be kept in mind in order to prevent eviction at the first place.
Ã?â‚??Choosing the right tenants is probably the most important thing that you can do to save yourself time, stress and money. Try to resist the temptation of renting your home to just anybody who agrees to pay the amount quoted by you. It might be loss of few months rent but in the long run it could save you a lot of stress and expense.
Ã?â‚??Enquire about the person before taking him/her as your tenant. Check out references from the person's bank, employer and previous landlords. You may also verify credit references, check last 3 or 6 months bank statements.

Ã?â‚??Always collect information such as date of birth, last 3 years residences, national insurance number and next of kin details.

Ã?â‚??Ask for a copy of a Driving license, passport or other identity proof

Ã?â‚??Without fail get a deposit of at least one month's rent in advance.

Ã?â‚??Draw up a detailed inventory of the property's contents.

Ã?â‚??Get the tenancy agreement signed. It's a legal document signed before the tenant is given the keys. It's essential to have a tenancy agreement as it provides a written record of what has been agreed upon between the landlord & the tenant.

However, no matter how much time and effort you took for the proper screening of your tenant, you just can't predict whether they would play good tenants or become a nightmare. Then the landlord can send a notice seeking possession on the following grounds:

Ã?â‚??If the tenant is two months behind with the rent

Ã?â‚??Persistently late with the rent

Ã?â‚??If there is some damage to property or furniture

Ã?â‚??Causing a nuisance to the neighbors

Ã?â‚??The house is being repossessed

Ã?â‚??Landlord needs to live in the property, and give notice at the beginning of the tenancy that they might use this property in future.

Ã?â‚??The landlord is going to demolish or reconstruct the property.

Ã?â‚??If the tenant has broken the terms of your contract

However, the legal process can be expensive and quite lengthy. The court proceedings last about six months. Therefore a growing number of landlords are turning to cash property buyers in UK to bail them out of the situation and deal with the landlord issues. You can even sell your property online to these cash buyers without any hassle. The eviction is done fast and you get paid in cash.