Why Buy Property in Maine

by : Art Gib

Many tourists visiting the East Coast spend their time in famous cities like Washington D.C. or Boston because of the monuments and museums that they offer. Some visitors occasionally wander as far north as New Hampshire and Vermont, but few make the slightly longer drive to Maine.

As the most northern and eastern state in the country, Maine is one of the most unknown and untouched states. The entire population in Maine totals less than 1.5 million and in the northern half of the state there is less than one person per square mile of land. Part of the reason Maine is so sparsely populated is that winters that far north can be extremely cold and long, but in the summer, Maine truly lives up to its nickname "Vacation Land."

If you like spending time outside, Maine is one state that has a lot to offer. With the ocean lapping at the coast and trees covering eighty percent of the land, Maine is mostly green and blue with beautiful scenery almost everywhere you look. You can spend hours just watching the waves crash into crystal spray on miles of rocky coastline. On sunny days, play Frisbee or fly a kite in the ocean breeze at Fort William's Park.

It is also fun to visit one or many of Maine's light houses. If you like animals, take a whale watch off the coast or a ferry to nearby islands to watch harbor seals and blue whales. There are some sandy, pretty beaches in Maine, but be prepared to get a little numb because the water will almost always be cold. If you want to see some marine life without getting very wet, tide pools appear during low tide all up and down the coast.

When they are not enjoying the ocean, residents and visitors can also canoe, swim, fish, water ski, kayak and look for loons because there are over 2,000 lakes in state. Thankfully, Maine lakes tend to get a little warmer than the ocean.

The tail end of the Appalachian Trail, Acadian national park and Tumble Down Mountain are just a few places to enjoy hiking and golf courses like The Woodlands and Sunday River provide some of the best golfing in the country. In the winter, Sunday River is also a ski resort that caters to skiers all over the North East.

In addition to the recreation and the scenery in the area, dining in Maine is wonderful. Seafood never tastes better than the day it is caught and that's exactly the way it is served in Maine. Although shelling a lobster can be a messy process, many visitors really enjoy a meal of the rich, red and white meat dipped in a small bowl of butter.

If you don't want to deal with the mess of a lobster dinner though, try a creamy bowl of chowder instead. If you like fruit, you'll be happy to learn that Maine is the number one blueberry producer in the U.S. If you visit during the end of the summer, you can even take the whole family to Acton, Maine to pick your own berries. The fruit grows as thick as grapes on the cultivated bushes at Blueberry Hill Farm.

As you can see, Maine truly is a beautiful and fun place to be in the summer, but there is no denying that winters tend to be frigid and long. A snow blower or a plow is almost a necessity during the colder months. So, if you want to find renters for your Maine home in the winter time, you may want to choose a property strategically placed near a ski resort.

Owning your own property in Maine can also be challenging just because Maine has some of the highest taxes in the country. If you can afford the price tag, the location is great.