Armando Montelongo not Forrest Gump

by : Joseph Lane

Armando Montelongo didn't accidentally trip into success like the fictional character Forrest Gump. Montelongo started with almost nothing and worked his way up to be one of the most successful house flippers of our era. Lets take a comparison. Forrest Gump inadvertently taught Elvis how to dance. Forrest Talked with John Lennon on the TV show. Forrest was a war hero. The trick with Gump is that he never really understood what he was doing.

Not so with Montelongo. Montelongo is not throwing darts at a board and hitting lucky strikes. No. Armando Montelongo goes out and methodically looks for properties that can be funded, fixed, repaired or upgraded and then restaged and then resold for real estate profit.

Everything is thought out and nothing is by luck. The point is that you don't want to Forrest Gump your way through the buying and selling of Real Estate especially in today's times when foreclosures are at a high. Build your wealth through financial planning and thought out steps. If you Forrest Gump your way in the beginning and just buy and old property that hits your fancy, the problem in today's market will be on the backend when you sell the property. With the state of the market, its going to be easier to build you wealth in the front end of the real estate deal. This way if you hit a market to sell the property and it turns out that you must sell it for less than you planned, you can still make some profit in your transaction.

Real Estate coaching is offered by companies like Armando Montelongo has. Its good advice to get good advice and guidance during these Real Estate challenging times. Because in Real Estate, life doesn't have to be like a box of chocolates, you can know what your going to get.