Achieving a Quick House Sale

by : Vincent Daw

There may be periods in a homeowner's life when his or her personal circumstances change dramatically and it makes economic sense to sell the house as quickly as possible, thus releasing the capital that has built up in it. The reasons are many and varied and may include:

1. The breakdown of a relationship. Whether the partners in the house are married or not, there may be financial pressures caused by the breakdown of the relationship. One of the partners may have started another relationship, in which case they may require capital release in order to finance another mortgage or rental costs. Some of the Sell and Rent Back companies will buy the house very quickly, and rent it back to the remaining partner at a competitive rate.

2. The homeowner may have to move with his/her job, either within the UK or abroad. If this move is seen to be fairly permanent, then capital will be required to finance a new home in the new location. For those relocating or emigrating, some of the Sell and Rent Back companies will buy the house in as little as 14 (working) days.

3. If the homeowner has been in arrears with mortgage payments they could fear the prospect of having their home repossessed and see that a quick house sale would be a financially better alternative and enable them to avoid repossession.

4. Should one of the partners in a house die, the remaining partner's income may be insufficient to cover the mortgage, then again, a quick house sale may be seen as a beneficial alternative to having the home repossessed.

5. In a falling house market, to sell your house now may be a shrewd move. If financial experts project that house prices may fall 20%, then the homeowner could take the view that selling the house quickly, without Estate Agent's or Auctioneer's fees, for as close to its current value as possible, will reduce the capital loss. The house could then be rented back at a competitive rate until the market is viewed to have 'bottomed out'.

The average level of personal debt is increasing, and a quick house sale may be seen as one way of paying off all debts in one go. This is especially useful if you suffer a reduction in income which is viewed as a temporary situation. To sell the house, pay off the debts and live in rented accommodation for a while may be a sensible strategy. Indeed, with many of the Sell to Stay companies, you can sell your house quickly and rent it back at a competitive rate.

There are many routes to achieving a quick house sale.

1. Estate Agents - Estate Agents will always tell you that they can sell houses very quickly. This may be true when the market is rising and there is a lot of competition for every house, but when prices flatten, or indeed fall, houses stick and your 'quick sale' may be lost.

2. Auction - Auctions are the ultimate vehicle to value a property. Any property is only worth what another will pay for it, and an auction with many interested parties in the room will produce the best market price for a property with a very quick sale.

3. However, anyone who goes to an auction will be expecting a bargain - they view the items that go to auction as being 'on-offer' and only there because they have failed to sell elsewhere. You may not get a good price at auction.

4. Sealed Bid - Requesting sealed bids is another good way of valuing a property. However, the process suffers from the same market pressures as the previous two. From the buyer's point of view, putting in a sealed bid when the market is rising is a worrying process, as he/she doesn't want to bid too low for fear of losing it. This can result in some extremely over-priced bids. On the other side of the coin, in a falling market the worry is that the buyer may bid too high and end up with a home in negative equity. This results in the seller receiving a number of disappointingly low bids.

5. Sell and Rent Back - Sell and Rent Back companies will buy your house very quickly - many of them promise to buy it within 14 (working) days. They will give you 80% or more of the value of your house - but that's it! You don't have to pay the Estate Agent or the Auctioneer, just your legal fees. Furthermore, many of the Sell and Rent Back companies will allow you to stay in your home and rent it back at a competitive rate.

So if you need a quick house sale, you must try to strike a balance between speed and the amount of money you will receive from the different methods of selling your property.