Women Hostel

by : parulsrivastava

Women's Hostel
Women's hostels are pretty common in most metros in India, especially so in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and New Delhi. Essentially, these accommodations focus on economical, safe, secure and convenient nature of the requirements.
With the urban migration the requirement for such accommodation has gone up significantly. Women's hostel typically can be working women's places or places for women in general. These are found typically within a few kilometers and in the vicinity of large industrial and commercial hubs. The women diversity factor especially in the IT industry has climbed to almost 20% as per NASSCOM reports. In the BPO and ITES sectors it has gone to as high as 43%. Most call center employees are young women graduates who have access to easy jobs in the new economy.
The requirement for paying guest accommodation or women's hostels as one would want to term it has significantly gone up. Often, landlords with independent houses have started creating infrastructure around this need. Typically a room is shared by two or more women with an attached bath. Laundry, cleaning, breakfast and lunch is taken care of by the landlords and in turn the paying guests are expected to pay a monthly amount ranging from Rs 2500 to Rs 5000 depending upon the locality, facilities offered and the overall ambiance of the accommodation. Funnily, this is the fastest growing home segment and not particularly online as most landlords are not Internet savvy. Often, women find such paying guest accommodations by word of mouth or by referrals. Somebody moves on, and they inform their friend, colleague or a referral and the place gets filled.
Good women's hostel which offer privacy and a safe community are by far on the expensive side. With the increasing demand from the campus graduates, the rentals and the deposits are on the increase. Earlier, there was no deposit to be paid for such paying guest accommodations, but of-late the deposits have increased anywhere from 2 to 6 months, again depending upon how up-market the place is.
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