Selecting the Right Pg Accommodation

by : parulsrivastava

Selecting the right PG Accommodation.

Ok, let us make this short and simple. Here are some simple tips for your reference...
Ã?â‚??Location - If you are looking at something close to your college, office etc - mark the suburbs you would like to stay in. For example, if you are working in say Bangalore and your office is in Sarjapur outer Ring Road, then you can mark - HSR Layout, Koramangala, Airport Road, Marathahalli, Brook Fields etc as the right place to stay.
Ã?â‚??Safe & Secure place - Look for a place which is easily accessible from the main or arterial roads. Especially if your PG has a nice and secure compound wall, it really helps. If you are a lady ensure that your PG place is not lost in intricate by-lanes. However, be careful not to select a place bang on the road, the disturbance from traffic will not give you a peaceful sleep. You may also want to look into dog menace, some neighborhoods are infested and you might find it difficult to go early in the mornings and return late nights.
Ã?â‚??Community & Privacy - A PG is a home away from home, you need the warmth of a good community who you can establish some social connections, but at the same time, ensure that you have your privacy. Check your room-mate out, likes, dislikes, hobbies, quiet-time etc. If it is a single stay, ensure that you have your own room which has good lighting and ventilation.
Ã?â‚??Convenience - Often bachelors, singles and couples, don't cook. So you might want to check out for neat and clean restaurants near by. Bachelor mess in the vicinity is a good indicator of a lot of PGs around the area. Figure out if there are home delivery outlets. Besides restaurants, check out gas-station, post-office, nearness to auto-stand, bus-stop. You might travel once in a while, nearness to railway station, bus stations and airport may not be a criteria on top of the list.
Ã?â‚??Amenities - Make a list of what you want, don't availability of water, power, hot-water geyser, fans etc in your list, because this is the most discomfiting part of the whole arrangement. Ask for laundry and cleaning facilities, basic hygiene and convenience helps.
Ã?â‚??Restrictions - Talk to your land-owner and check the conditions and restrictions, if they are too many, you might want to think twice. Typical restrictions include partying, noise levels etc. Those are aspects, which you obviously need to adhere to. Often PGs don't have pets, if you have one, make it clear up-front. If the place offers breakfast, dinner etc, then ensure that you have a good understanding of what is provided, this tends to be the most contentious issue often.
Ã?â‚??Rent - A locality more or less offers standard rentals, unless the place you are selecting offers amenities which are high end. Typically, upscale locality, with single accommodation and great menu tends to be costlier. If you are looking for long-term, you can always negotiate the rent, but then you will have to commit the same in the rental / lease agreement. If you are in a transferable job, it is better to commit short-term and keep extending the contract, but then the rentals typically tend to be high.
Ã?â‚??References - Ensure you speak to your friends, potential room-mates or earlier tenants to ensure that you are taking the right place. Speak to the land-owner to give you the contacts. This is the best advice we can give.
Good luck...Happy Renting!!!

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