Master Planned Communities Offer Unique Retail Advantages

by : Tim Dillard

In a world where real estate and property values are fluctuating and dropping all over the country, Houston commercial real estate continues to be an excellent investment. Among the best property investment values, retail pads in master plan commercial top the list with many advantages for investors and retailers.

Not uncommon is master plan commercial, and the Fort Bend County area in particular has one of the highest concentrations of master planned communities in the country. People who choose to live in these communities enjoy the advantages of living in a community that was planned from the start to include amenities like nearby shopping, entertainment and recreational facilities and beautiful surroundings that are carefully preserved by the developers of the land.

The benefits of master planned communities extend far beyond advantages for homeowners, though. When a conscientious community developer puts together a master planned community, everyone benefits. For the homeowners and residents, the benefits are obvious - easy access to all the necessities and amenities, a community designed to limit auto traffic in residential areas and manage it in commercial areas, community centers and green spaces designed to encourage a comfortable community-based lifestyle. There are also, however, many unique advantages for retailers and commercial concerns that choose to locate here.

Master plan commercial sites are planned to include both residential subdivisions and retail/commercial space. Unlike cities and towns that simply grew, planners in these communities carefully arrange communities so that retail pads are located conveniently for consumers - and as any business planner can tell you, location is the key to success in business.

Master planned communities include retail pads. Houston retail locations may be located along the main through and access roads, next to major shopping centers, in shopping centers or - for smaller concerns - within the smaller subdivisions where it will be convenient for residents to stop on the way home, or run out for a quick shopping trip.

Houston commercial properties offer another advantage as well - guaranteed population growth. This city is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country, and that growth is expected to continue for decades into the future. The master planned communities that currently exist are far from built out - most will increase their population by two, three or even ten times in the next twenty years. Provided for tenants are retail pads. This city will have a steady stream of both customers and employees for many years into the future.