Read Your Prospects Mind

by : David Lovelace

Want to dramatically increase your product sales? Are you frustrated with the lack of response to your ads?

Perhaps you are working harder, instead of smarter when planning your ad campaign. What's the cure?

A little 'marketing magic' is the answer...

I'm going to show you how to read your prospects mind, without using ESP, by arranging 14 simple letters into a magical phrase that is guaranteed to reveal what your prospect is thinking at this very moment!

Pay close attention, because the magic is unfolding now:

------> What's - in - it - for - me? <-----

You are officially inside the mind of a potential customer!

And guess what...every potential customer is thinking the exact same thing at this very moment!

Those 5 words should be printed and posted so that you can remind yourself daily of the key to smarter advertising.

Before you close this edition, make a point to open a Word document, type in 'What's in it for me?' in large letters, actually print it out and post it next to your computer.

The simplicity of this will surprise you.

Marketing is not quite as complicated as we tend to make it. But there are some rules. And the first is to realize the mindset of your target market. To do this, you must do a little role playing.

Once you get to the 'other side', diving into the marketing waters, it's hard to return to the 'outside looking in' way of thinking. It is important not to leave that mindset behind.

Remember the shoes you were wearing before you jumped in the water.

Think about that for a minute. You are placing ads everywhere and to your disappointment, you cannot get a hit or a response to save your life. You ask yourself, 'What am I doing wrong?!'

Time to take a step back and review. Make a point to recall the ads that made you react. What words, phrases, or style of ad prompted you to act? Write those things down as you recall them.

Now take a look at the latest crop of classified or sponsor ads in a newsletter you subscribe to. But this time look with the 'outside looking in' eyes. And as you read them, ask yourself the 'magic' question: 'What's in it for me?'

In other words, ask yourself .. 'how can this product or service benefit me?'

If you see an ad that says, 'We're the #1 most popular service on the internet!', that's not a benefit. The fact that they say they're number one means nothing to you, nor anyone else. Who cares?!

However, if the ad went on to tell you that 'because we're # 1, you'll achieve your goals 13 weeks faster than our competition!' --then that's a benefit! That's 'what's in it for you'.

Let me show you a recent scenario regarding an ad I spotted. I excluded the email address to protect the innocent :-)

Mr. Joe Blow's Ad: [Working Harder]

'Are you interested in improving your financial situation?'

My Revisions: [Working Smarter]

'F.REE report: 5 ways to shave $1,000's in credit card interest starting today. Send for your no cost report now:

Which would you respond to?

The original ad is boring, tells you nothing, and will get passed over like roadkill.

The smarter ad tells you what's in it for you by spelling out the immediate benefits. Plus it calls you to take action.

With a slight revision and attention to those 5 little words, Joe will now experience a dramatic increase in his response rate. And he didn't have to take a single ESP class! :-)

OK, here's where you print something out and post it. You know what to do.

Copyright 2004 David Lovelace