Common Sense Real Estate Decisions

by : Fritz Pfister

The following five examples represent commonly held perceptions by many consumers, and advice for the proper action a consumer should take.

1. Relatives know infinitely more about real estate than any real estate professional, always listen to relatives first. Mom and Dad last bought a home in the 1980's, there's only been 32,416 rules changes since. Grandpa Joe who bought his home after WWII thinks sub-prime is a meal you eat on a submersible watercraft. By all means listen to these sage real estate experts before all others. Our advice is to research and interview two to three reputable agents before starting your home search. Don't be the typical home buyer that gives more thought and analysis to buying a TV than their home.

2. Why bother going to the bank before you find the home you want to buy? Who cares how much you can afford to borrow? What a hassle, just get a pre-approval from an online lender, you never will see, hear, or speak to, as you feverishly attempt to contact them after they have withdrawn your loan approval the week before closing, unless you agree to increase your interest rate by 3%, and add $6000 to your closing costs, for you to be able to close. Brilliant course of action. Our advice; never borrow money from anyone you can't put your hands around their neck.

3. Hey, this is a buyer's market you should always offer low, ask for all the appliances, the lawnmower, the pictures on the walls, that cute gun safe in the corner, all the guns in the safe, the dog, the next five years lawn service, the antique car in the garage, and any ice cream in the freezer. Our advice; don't tempt the seller to introduce you to what's in the gun safe, and chance a personal close up inspection of the freezer. This might be an acceptable course of action in California, however not in the real world.

4. Who me, need a real estate agent? I've gotten my pre-approval, and have read sixty-two books from Barnes and Noble on 'how to buy a home'. The best deals are the for sale by owners, says so in chapter one of every book, 'you're dealing with a novice', unlike me who has read da books! For sale by owners aren't paying any greedy real estate broker thousands of dollars in commissions, so they will pass those savings along to me, after all, the for sale by owner loves me, and are just selling their home to help 'me' out! Our advice; don't be the fly that thinks the spider is his friend. Buy an overpriced home today, you'll have to sell an overpriced home tomorrow.

5. I agree, you should have a real estate agent. That's why you should call dozens of them. You should see them jump when you want to see one of their listings! Who cares if they already represent the seller, it's in their code of ethics they have to protect me too! Don't you know all of them are professionals at pricing homes for sale, and I especially love the agents that whisper to you what the seller will take. Where else could you get such inside information? Not only can you get inside information, to get a sale, they told me they wouldn't charge me a dime if they were on both sides of the transaction! Our advice; it is better to trust a heart that is dishonest, than to mistrust one that is honest, applies to your spouse, not your relationship with a real estate agent. Calling agents off signs is like a blind date, with serious financial ramifications.

Learn before you act, or you'll learn after the fact.

Make it a great day.