Singapore Property Search for Home Buyers and Sellers

by : Wantanee Khamkongkaew

Singapore is situated between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, just north of the equator. It is located at the convergence of a number of major sea-lines. It is a densely populated country with about 12,000 people per square kilometer. In the 1960's, a vast urban renewal program was launched which virtually replaced all of the country's slums with modern dwelling units. There was a property and real estate boom following the renewal program.

Singapore is among the world's greatest commercial and trade centers. It has a large modern seaport and airport. Trade and commerce has been historically the chief source of revenue. Singapore exports locally produced goods such as telecommunications equipment, computers, petroleum products, plastics, rubber products, oil drilling machinery, and processed food and beverages. Singapore depends on others for most of its food requirements. Singapore's chief trading partners include Japan, the U.S, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

A number of companies offer residential property guide, renting procedure and property search listings, and information directory for emigrants living or relocating to Singapore. A property search report will assist you in finding the right solutions for the many questions that arise during the home buying and selling process. When you are armed with the right information, an experienced real estate professional can guide you to reaching your goal of selling your home fast for the best price. Dedicated property search specialists assist you in purchases, sales and rentals. They are committed to provide the ideal background for buyers and sellers alike, helping you successfully negotiate through each stage of a property transaction.

It is important to fix the search criteria before you launch the property search in Singapore. There are a number of homes and properties on the market in Singapore and you can search online by entering your own search criteria. It is a good idea to search for property online with the help of professional software. Several professional software exist to assist you to determine accurately the cost of buying a home.

The property search enables you to find the most reputable locations for residential sales in Singapore. Property search experts assist clients in identifying land and developing the land. A successful property search helps you identify specific market positions for the property and after careful study of market trends, suggest the most effective means to sell the property at the best price.

If you are looking to buy a property or apartment in Singapore, ensure that you understand all the pitfalls associated with the process of buying. Selecting a good real estate agent is the first step involved. Find an agent who is familiar with the area and type of land you have in mind. Ensure that the agent belongs to a reputed real estate organization and is also a licensed member of a real estate association. Discuss your property requirements and location preferences with him. This will help him find the best suited property for you.

Property searches also help you ensure that the seller is the real legal owner of the property. It is imperative that you request for proof of ownership when you are making the purchase. Ensure also that the seller is legally eligible to sell the property. If the owner of a private property mortgaged to a bank is incapable of toping up the shortfall on his bank loan, the bank would not allow him to go through with the property transaction. Property searches also assist you in finding a viable bank loan.

A meaningful property search takes into account things such as the distance to work places, hospitals and schools. It also helps you determine transportation and shopping facilities. Also keep in mind the places that you visit regularly and your family's lifestyle. Property searches also help you determine the size of the property and the number of bedrooms you need. It also takes into account facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and other recreation facilities. Once you have decided on the location and size of the property, consider how much you will be able to spend. Also keep in mind other expenses that come with buying or renting a home. It is important to provide your agent with accurate information on your financial status.