What to Expect From a House Appraisal

by : Locateappraisers

Whether they are buying or selling a home, there will come a time when a person needs to enlist the services of a house appraisal. The home appraiser will come to the home and assess its market value so that the lender or the seller can find out the worth of a home to meet their needs. If you are the home owner whose home needs to be appraised, here's what you need to know about getting your home ready for the appraiser's visit.

Typical Length of an Appraisal

A house appraisal isn't something that is going to take up your whole day. In fact, many house appraisals only take a few minutes to complete, although this can change depending on the size of the property. More property, more time. The appraiser is going to walk along the outside of your property and measure the square footage. This gives them a real measurement of how big the property may be. Then they will look around the inside, checking on how the features take up space and what, if any, renovations have been done to the home's structure.

Cleaning Up Around the House

The home appraiser doesn't care how clean the home is kept, unless it makes it easier or harder for them to see the space. They are measuring the property and the home, not its contents. You may want to make a good impression by having an orderly home, but having a cleaned up home won't get you a better appraisal figure.

Listing Your Improvements

To boost your home value during a house appraisal, home owners often believe they need to point out all of the repairs and improvements they have made to the home. That isn't needed. Appraisers are trained professionals who will certainly notice repairs and improvements. If they do miss anything, you may want to point it out, like new heating and cooling system.

You should also be prepared to answer questions that the appraisers may have while they are looking at your home. If you aren't sure about repairs, have someone present who does have those answers for the appraiser.

The house appraisal process is much more passive than might be assumed. The home appraiser will come in, look around, measure and then leave. After they leave, they will also check on the market in your neighborhood and write up a detailed report. It is a quick and easy process, which helps find out the fair value of your home in order to help you with buying, selling, or refinancing