Sandy Lane Property

by : Albert Scheper

Sandy Lane is a Barbados beach in the Caribbean islands. The place is said to be the playground of popular celebrities, businesspeople, movie personalities, and even monarchs and aristocrats from all over the world. The Sandy Lane properties are part of a luxury resort environment which has been recognized in travel and trade magazines all around the world. So what does this fact means to you? For one, buying properties in Sandy Lane means buying leisure, tranquility and grandeur vacation property.

With that in mind, it's important for you to consider your best options in Sandy Lane. Definitely, it wouldn't be practical to buy a property very far from the main areas although that depends on your choice too. The island actually offers unsurpassed amenities including the Sandy Lane Hotel, a property that has been functional since 1961. This hotel is considered as one of the best Caribbean hotel-resorts around. In fact, this highly-visited hotel has been the venue of a celebrity-golf-champ Tiger Woods.

Sandy Lane Hotel has a membership arrangement for you to utilize the properties beside the hotel. For you to rent or utilize the hotel's amenities, you'll need to sign up as a member in the Sandy Lane Property Owners' Association. Those who get to rent either Sandy Lane Properties that are part of the Association, or maybe even Sandy Lane Homes and Villas in the vicinity, can probably get permission to use the facilities devoted to the Association Members.

Sandy Lane is south of the Holetown area. If you visit the Holetown vicinity, you may find a host of restaurants open to serve you - ranging from the casual beach bars to the gourmet eating places. Many nightspots also stay up to the late hours to serve your entertainment needs and luxury needs such as duty-free shopping as well.
Sandy Lane Homes and Villas come in an array of types and sizes. For instance, there is one villa whose main focus is the swimming pool - meaning the entire villa surrounds this swimming pool. It has well-kept gardens, and thriving plant life all around, and staff composed of a security guard, gardeners, laundress, two maids, a cook or chef, and a butler. Within the villa, you will find more luxurious amenities like a living room with a baby grand piano, and crystal chandeliers overhead; air-conditioned private rooms, high end bathrooms, a dining area on the beach terrace, a formal dining room, an indoor bar, an outdoor salon where you can spend indoor entertainment with your friends, family and guests. There is also a cottage where air-conditioned bedrooms have been situated along with a private sitting area and bathrooms too.

If you want some exercise and activities, you can always head for the Sandy Lane Hotel where the beach is host to water sports, tennis and golf (among other types of sports that you can indulge in). Then you can always go back home to rest and become a couch potato again until the next day when the Sandy Lane beach beckons again to you.