Slovenia Property Potential Profit Will Rise

by : Kelly Price

With many established markets giving poor investment returns, Slovenia property is booming and has been named one top 10 overseas property investment locations and is an area all property investors should consider - here's why.

Where is Slovenia?

Slovenia is a small country located at the very centre of Europe between the old established economies of the EU and the new emerging economies of the east.

Slovenia has borders with - Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary and is undergoing a period of dynamic economic growth.

Since joining the EU in 2004 and adopting the euro as its currency, the country has seen billions in overseas investment flood into the country, not just from the EU but from private investors as well.

Higher Disposable Incomes = Higher Prices

With higher disposable incomes, has come a demand for more high quality property and prices are rising countrywide.


There is also another factor driving up prices and that's the demand for quality Slovenian property to cater for the expansion of the tourist industry...

Slovenia may only be a small country but it's beautiful and has much to enjoy and the country is spending huge amounts of capital to attract foreign visitors and their coming in increasing numbers.

Natural Beauty

The country features snow capped mountains, dense alpine forests, valleys dotted with vineyards, towns steeped in history and even a beautiful unspoilt stretch of Adriatic coastline.

The government is investing heavily in the tourist trade and budget airlines are making it more affordable than ever.

A Boom Set to Last For Decades?

As with all property booms, this one looks set to run for decades and Slovenia property for sale is competitively priced. You will benefit not only from good capital gains potential but also the potential to make solid rental incomes.

Location and Finding Your Slovenia House

Of course location is the key - but there are many local Slovenian estate agents to help you get the property that's just right for your budget. Buying Slovenia property is straightforward, with the buying process designed to protect both buyers and sellers.

You can choose in locations such as the capital Ljubljana which is offering great capital gains and income, as to is the second city of Maribor, or you can choose the popular tourist destinations which include:

Kranjsaka Gora, The Soca Valley, Lake Bled and Bohinj and the beautiful fishing port of Piran, just across the sea from Venice.

These are just a few of the areas you can get great Slovenian properties for long term capital growth but there are many others.

So if you are looking for an overseas property location with the potential for solid capital gains, consider a property in Slovenia and you may be glad you did!