Get Out of the Bank!

by : Travis Millward

So, you've got a little (or a lot of) money to invest. You're not sure what to do so you put your nest egg into a money market, CD, or an
IRA. These investments may be federally insured, but they also may be returning you very low interest rates or returns.

But you've still got discretionary income burning a hole in your pocket. You may feel pressured to invest TODAY. Got to get the ball rolling, make your money start working, and build some wealth. Your money isn't doing much sitting in the bank, and chances are your funds will do even less if you throw them into the stock market.

So what do you do? How do you generate the cash flow?

Private mortgage lending is safe and extremely profitable. Because of built-in equity and hazard insurance, property can be a low-risk investment. But there is a wide world of lending out there, and you need to make careful choices about your investments.

What is traditional lending?

If you have money in a savings account, money market, or CD, you are lending your money to the bank. You're just not getting a very good return. When you invest your money in the bank, you are
allowing the bank to use your money. The bank makes loans with that money, and makes a significant amount in interest.

Step 1- Avoid the temptation to let your money ride in traditional lending. Why let the banks make all the money while paying you a pittance?

Step 2- Find a reputable real estate expert. A company that has experienced team members able to appropriately value property, establish loan terms, and essentially become the middle man
between you and the borrower. They can prepare and present you with several options, so that you retain control of your funds. You make decisions on carefully assessed properties.

Real estate investment experts can show you a variety of properties tailored to your specific goals. Lend your money on low LTV loans, or get high returns on short-term loans. Many other lending options are available. You get all the options; the firm does all the work.

Step 3- Enjoy your profits.

Private lending is the fastest and most effective way to increase your cash flow, but only if the risk is manageable. You can only make money if you have control. When you invest in a traditional loan, too much is not up to you. Private mortgage lending puts you in the
driver's seat on the road to success.