Montelongo Living the Armando Way

by : Richard David

I recently saw a show about Armando Montelongo and his Real Estate world. It made me think that even in today's world the simple concept of the american dream is still obtainable through good old fashioned hard work and focus.

Sometimes I have thought about what industries would be good if a career change would be the goal. The era has come and gone. Wall street has been around since whenever. The auto industry never dies. A doctor or lawyer or astronaut seems to be something you need to start from the beginning. Oh, I'm sure the list goes on and on.

The one industry that continues to catch my eye is the one that's been around as long as cockroaches. That's right. Good old real estate. And you know what? No matter how the current market is it seems at the end of the day, real estate is still and probably always be a good bet for investment.

I guess that's because there is only so much dirt on the planet and once its all used up, we just start selling and buying it to each other. Eventually the amount of land that is available is all gone so the price then just continues to rise. Or in other words, the value continues to rise.

Yes, that Armando had the right idea. Take something that's already been done and learn how to do it and then get a nice system down that works efficiently in his marketplace and then just let the system go forward and make profit.

Bottom line is real estate in my view is still a good idea. No matter what the market. The reason is that when you buy and sell a piece of property, it really can only go up in value. Sure, their may be dips in the market from time to time, but at the end of the day, its usually worth more than you paid for it.