The Call for Cape Town Holiday Homes - Real Estate Consultants

by : Lulie Swanepoel

Every year tourists, local and international, flock to the Western Cape and to Cape Town specifically during the festive season of December. And this year the Cape Town tourist authorities expect an influx of more than 200 000 visitors, which plays a vital role in the property market as can be expected.

One of the most sought after areas in the Western Cape is the Atlantic Seaboard. Consisting of suburbs that include: Camps Bay; Bantry Bay; Clifton; Llandudno, V&A Waterfront; Hout Bay and Granger Bay just to name a few, it's easy to see why. In recent property developments, the Atlantic Seaboard's value has sky-rocketed.

Record sales
Quite recently a record-breaking property sale was made in Bantry Bay for a mere R78/sq m. It is believed to be the highest sectional title real estate price in South Africa and it was sold for R25m. This is just one example of how fast property's value in the Atlantic Seaboard is growing. Potential buyers of this luxurious sough-after area would pay R70k/sq m. at minimum in this property segment. Keeping in considerations that with South Africa's recent development with the credit act law, this proves to show that the real estate industry hasn't been suffering a total loss.

The Atlantic Seaboard forms part of the top-end market and estate agents suggests that the price growth in this segment has outpaced that of the middle end market. The reason for this being that the top-end market lures mainly cash buyers. These cash buyers, unlike their middle and lower income counterparts, are not as interest rate sensitive and would therefore be able to invest more easily into the top-end segment.

More development
This recent development has also sparked more development in the Atlantic Seaboard areas. The alluring factor of the Atlantic Seaboard is the magnificent views of Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles and of course sea views, but apart from that, these areas are also known for their tranquil atmosphere. Some of the best and most cutting edge architectural designs to date are found in these areas too. Cape Town is not only South Africa's leading tourist attraction, but the Atlantic Seaboard specifically a favourite amongst tourists and locals alike.

These are some of the biggest factors as to why the Atlantic Seaboard is seen as a golden opportunity for a good investment. The Atlantic Seaboard is the premium spot to which another factor comes into play, availability. In the Camps Bay area alone the shortage of available sites, development although currently flourishing, would soon prove to be somewhat more difficult and therefore would show excellent returns on investments for buyers. Even with the great influence of the credit act and real estate suffering a massive blow currently due to low sales, the Atlantic Seaboard has proven to have nothing more than a bumpy ride during the winter season. But many a real estate agent feels that they should see a more positive even flow of sales during the upcoming summer months.

With the excitement of summer hanging in the air, investing in a prime property with some of Cape Town's best views would be exactly what the doctor ordered. So with this in mind, maybe you should consider investing in your very own property, because you can be sure that you will reap the benefits at the end of the day.