Techniques of Using Handwriting in Foreclosure Marketing

by : Robert Lam

3 Powerful Techniques Of Using Handwriting In Your Foreclosure Marketing

by Robert Lam

We live in a day of technology. There is no question about that. Everywhere you look, we have become "computerized". I should know. I have been in the tech industry for over 15 years creating computer software products.

Even though I love technology, automation and printing everything out and typing everything with my keyboard, you cannot argue with results! The results I am talking about are marketing results when you use the POWER OF HANDWRITING!

People in foreclosure are getting mass pieces of mail with labels, printed envelopes, printed postcards and impersonal, blatantly obvious photocopied materials in the mail. Guess what. That stuff goes right into the trash! Since the masses are moving in one direction, you become more effective by moving the "other" direction. Let me explain.

People hardly handwrite things anymore.

When was the last time you got something in the mail that was handwritten?

Wasn't it when a dear friend of yours actually wrote you a letter? Like when Uncle Tom wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday? Or was it when you received a wedding invitation from Cousin Billy? Happy moments of correspondence, weren't they?

Here is foreclosure marketing that WORKS and works REALLY well.

I wanted to share with you how you can use the power of handwriting to generate even MORE leads without stretching your marketing dollars!

3 Powerful Techniques of using handwriting when marketing to your foreclosure leads:

1."The Yellow Letter" -- this is a very powerful method of getting your direct mail opened! Handwrite your foreclosure marketing message in a blank sheet of paper. Here's how. Put a legal notebook pad BEHIND the white sheet of paper so that you can see the lines through the blank sheet of paper. Now take your black pen and handwrite your marketing message on the white sheet of paper. Leave the first couple of lines blank so you can write the name. Go to a copy center and make copies of your handwritten letter, but print it onto yellow legal notebook paper--the kind that you rip of sheet by sheet. Now you have hundreds of handwritten letters. All you do is then write the person's name at the top of each sheet such as "Dear Mary" and it will look like you handwrote the letter to the person! Very powerful.

2.Handwritten Postcards -- Get a blank sheet of white 8.5" x 11" paper and face it in landscape mode. Divide it into four quadrants equally. That will be the size of each of your postcards. What you do is to handwrite your message on each quadrant on the paper. That will be your foreclosure marketing message! Leave space at the top to write a name if you'd like. If you plan to put information on the BACK of the post card, get another blank sheet of paper and divide into 4 quadrants and handwrite your message as it would appear on the other side of the post card. Don't forget to leave room for the address and the stamp on the other side. Then take these two sheets of papers to your office supply store and have them photocopy these two sheets of paper into a hard cardstock, bright-color pastel colored paper and that will serve as your post card. For postcards, you can actually stick labels onto the other side since the postcard doesn't require the person to "open up" the mail.

3.Handwritten envelope -- do you want to triple your response rate? Handwrite your envelopes and put a first class mail stamp at the top. People WILL open up this mail. Why? Because it looks like it came from Uncle Bob. Handwrite the return address too! You can use a regular envelope or an "invitation-sized" envelope for an even more powerful effect! Make it look like they are getting a birthday or wedding invitation!

We have experienced 10 20% response rates using these techniques. In direct mail, you usually get about a 1 to maybe 2% response rate, generally speaking. One extra deal can be well worth your investment when implementing these techniques!

Yes! You can systematize and automate this process! Who says YOU have to be the one to do the handwriting. Find someone wants to work at home and do this at a low cost? They are all over the place: retired people, college students wanting extra money, stay at home mom's looking for extra income, etc.

Foreclosures are huge right now! Implement these strategies and other strategies talked about in to fully capitalize on the powerful profit opportunities in foreclosures.