Getting The Suitable Buyer For Real Estate Sales

by : Tom Beaty

A wise real estate agent will wait to show buyers the property until they are pre-qualified, when attempting to make real estate sales. Every "for sale by owner" seller has no choice but to pre-qualify their buyers before they begin to consider signing a sales contract. It is a terrible idea to sign a contract with an unqualified buyer. If a buyer is unable to attain a mortgage that is large enough to buy your home, he will tie up the contract and prevent you from locating another buyer.

If this term sounds unfamiliar, a pre-approved buyer is a buyer who had a lending institution approve them for a loan for a %specific% dollar amount. A buyer who has an unconfirmed estimate of the specific dollar amount that he is able to borrow from a lending institution is called a pre-qualified buyer. Your objective is to get the perfect buyer who is able to attain a loan that can grant him the ability to purchase your home.

Anyone who wishes to pre-qualify a buyer will have to perform this task on their own. You are responsible for arranging a meeting with a potential buyer during which you will request basic but personal information. Both the long-standing debt and the salary of the buyer will need to be known by you. Asking this kind of personal information from a total stranger or even a neighbor may make you feel uneasy, but you don't need to be. Every buyer will be aware that they will have to answer questions of this nature if they are willing to complete real estate sales.

In order for you to do the calculations by hand, a pre-qualifying worksheet is mandatory. As soon as all the buyer's information has been recorded regarding monthly long-standing payments and salary, the time has come to attain an estimation of the maximum dollar amount that the buyer will be able to borrow.

A method that is significantly simpler is asking the buyer to go to a %trustworthy% web site that specializes in calculating the estimated maximum dollar amount that they will be offered by the lending institution.

Yearly salary, monthly long-term debt, and the national average of cost of living are all factors that determine this estimation. The utmost dollar amount the buyer can pay for your home will be the sum of the estimated mortgage loan and the buyer's down payment.

Although it is a hard task, it is imperative that you find the right buyer for your real estate sales. It is a substantial waste of time to give all of your attention to an interested buyer who is unable to attain the loan required to complete the transaction. Everyone is on even terms when you first meet with a future buyer. As soon as a potential buyer expresses excitement in purchasing your home, you want to pre-qualify them. Everyone will be relaxed once the buyer is qualified, and you can move on to the more serious business of purchasing your home.