Home Foreclosure Help Is Available To Those Facing Foreclosure

by : Thomas Bladecki

Negotiate a foreclosure help plan prior to losing your home; people that are facing foreclosure often do not realize that there are options to avoid foreclosure. Home foreclosure help is available for these who may be losing their home if they are willing to talk to the lender and entertain options that they offer to avoid foreclosure.

Lenders are calling, sending letter and other correspondences attempting to collect the money that is owed to them. Homeowners believe that this is because they are like "robots" and do not care about the circumstances; however, this is simply not the case. Lenders are just doing their job, then loan people money and in turn, they expect payment to be made on time every month. In most cases, lenders will negotiate a reasonable arrangement to avoid foreclosure.

Lenders have several options available to people that are facing a foreclosure, however you have to talk to them in order to determine if they are viable options for your particular situation. Lenders do not want to process a foreclosure to get the house back. The process can be very length, time consuming and expensive, therefore the often times would prefer to negotiate a suitable settlement versus taking your home through a foreclosure.

Interest Only Payments

Depending on the amount of the default and the time that lapsed your lender may be willing to offer you an interest only loan for a year or two. Foreclosure help is often available from lenders by modifying their loan and getting your payments lowered. This should lower your monthly payment and allow you to get back on track and prevent foreclosure of your home.

Half Payment

Some lenders may discount your monthly payment, up to 50%, if they feel that this will afford you the time that is needed to correct the financial difficulty that you are experiencing. Discounting your monthly mortgage payment is a foreclosure help option that is rarely available, but it never hurts to ask you lender.

Short Sale

Often times a lender will allow a homeowner to sell their home for less then the amount that is currently owed on the loan. This is commonly referred to as a "short sale." Borrowers may not think that this is a valid form of foreclosure help however, a short sale is prefer over a foreclosure to minimize the impact to future credit. While some lenders will not allow or offer borrowers facing a foreclosure this option, it is worth asking prior to the lender taking foreclosure action.

While this is an overview of only a couple of options that are available to borrowers for foreclosure help, it is a great starting point. There are a number of options available to people that are facing foreclosure, be sure to research and investigate all of your home foreclosure help options prior to making any decisions or simply walking away. Many home foreclosure help web sites offer valuable information that can assist homeowners that are facing a foreclosure.