Wealth Is Around The Corner

by : Ender Baynazoglu

There are so many simple and achievable ways to make money and yet to see most people just sit on the sidelines, it makes me sad. There are many people around the world already rich just by using a little imaginative thought to fuel their success. I guess the main reason why people don't even bother to attempt a wealth building strategy is because they don't have the clear enough vision toward the future they would like to live.

One of the easiest ways to become wealthy today is to become apart of a new or even an existing business that has the expertise, equipment and growth capital. You put your share into the company (doesn't have to be big amounts), help them promote their business as much as you can and when the time comes where the gains start coming in, you get your fair share and make a substantial income by just helping a company which most likely already was on it's way to success.

This process is really simple and can be duplicated. If for any reason you are just starting out, for the first few months getting a hold of the process of promoting, marketing or advertising the company would be your activity. After some good practice and reasonable results and with your confidence aiming for more highs, this process can be repeated again and again. The initial learning curve is the most challenging part of the process. Imagine after duplicating your methods with just 4 or 5 different businesses, where would you be financially?

Today there are literally thousands of small businesses, which could really prosper, with a little help from an external individual who has some new ideas to bring into the company. With some marketing suggestions on potential profits, the business and you would be well on your way to making huge earnings

Most businesses out there would actually be delighted to hear from a helping hand. The reason for this is because, owners end up with too much responsibility and not enough time, which results in profit decrease and can go all the way to closing up shop.

The best way you would go ahead with this idea would be to first find out about the companies struggles. Do a little research while making a few notes in your notepad to really explore the possible gaps you could fill. Finally approaching the manager or owner of the company to discuss your findings would take place. You must be confident with your approach in order to be positively acknowledged. But since you are prepared I’m sure it won’t be a hard task to convince the owner with the presentation.

The process discussed above isn’t pie in the sky. As Bill Gates (founder of MS DOS) once said there’s 3 factors one must recognize to be successful: firstly you must be in the right place at the right time, secondly you must have vision toward future possibilities and thirdly and most importantly you must TAKE ACTION.

Other people have done it, and more are starting up every day. There's no reason why you can't do it. In most cases little or no cash is needed. But with just a little bit of action on your part, you could quickly become a multi-business owner, and very wealthy as well.

Copyright 2004 Ender Baynazoglu