Portugal Property Recommended To UK Buyers

by : Property Select - Overseas Investment Property

Britons who are considering buying a holiday home abroad have been advised to consider the Portuguese market.

Portugal recommended to British buyers The country was praised by Country Life for offering a variety of leisure attractions and a slower, more relaxed pace of life.

Portugal was also described as a charming destination that was very popular with tourists from the UK, partly because it offered hot and sunny weather all year round.

Country Life stated that this had led to it becoming a hotspot for overseas property buyers, including expatriates and holiday home owners.

According to figures cited by the magazine, Portugal is now home to more than 38,00 British expats.

"Portugal has certainly been in the top five since those emigrating discovered the joys of one of the longest seasons in the Mediterranean," it commented.

According to official figures, a record number of British citizens set up home overseas during 2006.

Portugal could be a good destination for overseas property buyers to consider, experts have advised.

Investors According to the SaveBorrowSpend website, the Silver Coast region is proving to be especially popular with foreign investors, as it offers a number of bargains.

The extent of its affordability was highlighted when the portal said a nine-bedroom house located in the area could be snapped up for just £160,000.

Furthermore, it stated that apartments on the Silver Coast - an area well-known for its attractive beaches - would set people back about £40,000.

SaveBorrowSpend added: "The downside is you will need to brush up on your Portuguese as hardly anyone in this region speaks English."

However, the portal said this meant the area was likely to be "relatively unspoilt" and appealing to people who enjoyed "breaking new ground".

This comes after financial services company Baydonhill predicted that Portugal would be one of the most popular markets for British investors this year.

People in Ireland are acting quickly in order to avoid the possibility of missing out on cheap trips abroad next summer.

Irish plan holidays in the sun Budget Travel stated that there had been unprecedented demand for last-minute holidays during summer 2007 because of the poor weather.

However, demand was so high that it outstripped the available supply, which resulted in many being forced to brave the wet conditions in Ireland.

This has led to many acting quickly this year instead of facing the possibility of missing out once again.

According to Budget Travel's head of marketing Clem Walshe, hot and sunny locations such as Portugal are proving to be very popular.

He told the Irish Independent: "People definitely got caught out last summer - a lot of people couldn't get the holiday they wanted."

Mr Walshe added that Spain was also attracting many Irish visitors, in particular the Costa del Sol.

Last week, the Limerick Post quoted a local travel agent who said that the number of people heading abroad for the festive season was now higher than ever.

Tony Brazil of Limerick Travel said that many of these were heading to places such as Spain and Portugal in order to stay in their holiday homes.

Spending Christmas overseas is becoming increasingly common in Ireland, it has been reported.

Irish holiday home owners head abroad The Limerick Post quoted a local travel agent who said that the number of people heading abroad for the festive season was now higher than ever.

Tony Brazil of Limerick Travel stated that that Spain and Portugal were of the most popular destinations for a number of reasons, such as their hot weather and good transport links with Ireland.

However, the fact that many people owned holiday homes in these countries was cited as another factor behind their appeal at this time of year.

Mr Brazil commented: "There are a huge number of people now who own accommodation abroad and are spending the holidays in places like Malaga or Portugal."

He added that all the extra flights provided by low-cost-carriers had been proving to be very popular with Irish leisure travelers.

According to the Association of British Travel Agents, a record number of people from the UK are also set to spend the festive season abroad this year.