Malaysia Property - a Robust Boom Ahead

by : articles adrian

Healthy growth of GDP
Since the early of 90s, Malaysia has been enjoying a robust GDP growth between an average of 7-9%. Until recently, the growth rate is stabling between 5% to 6%. From export oriented economy and moving into services oriented. The milestones are changing to further stimulate internal growth as the government is pouring bullets into building the local infrastructures and creating special economic zones in its yearly fiscal policy and master growth plan. Even the growth of our neighbor's countries (ASEAN) are enjoying a splendid growth. It is not becoming a competition in overall cause all countries have their own unique niche to certain extend. This combination is creating a unique ASEAN's economy like the European Union. For the next 5 years, we forecast a growth rate between 4.5% to 5.5% due to the slow down in US economy and also sky high commodities prices that will need time of everyone to adjust. Many still parcel about the factors behind and what is the continuous factors may sustain it growth and will it be a major boom of the property prices. I have read many local and foreign experts views in this subject. However, we have come with some facts that may help to answer this question.

Government's Policy on Property
Being an important factor that will contribute property prices stability and upside, government policy is always playing a major role in this segment.

But what is the reason that a need to boost the property prices? Government has been helping the lower income group by putting many policies like every project must has a low cost apartment in every township; putting taxes and pressures to avoid unnecessary speculation on property prices. All these policies are waived in 2007 like now there is zero tax on property gain transaction in Malaysia. Furthermore, the ministry of housing has set up better procedures to make the process of build, buy and sell more efficient; allowing EPF contributors to apply for monthly withdrawal to reduce their installment pressures or to buy a house; reduce stamp duty on RM 250,000 houses and below; lack the rules for foreign ownership and even provide incentives for foreigners with the recent 2nd Home Campaign to own a their second property as a home in Malaysia.

When we are moving into a high income, high margin and high tech service oriented economy. We cannot continue to have low cost strategy and we need quality human capital development in the country to compete in the global scale. Thus, boosting asset values is a wise strategy to boost local GDP income and also strong property price will have an effect in assisting the currency rate and also the local stock market- KLSE.

Population growth and its age group
Population is also the demand factor in the property market. Local population is the citizens of Malaysia and the foreign population is those who come in with 2nd Home campaign or as expatriate that temporally working in Malaysia.

It will not be a surprise why there are many hospitals establishing in everywhere of the country no matter they are government funded or private funded. This is due to the age group of Malaysia that almost 65% above of the whole nation population is at 35 years old and below. From 35 years old to 45 years old probably got another 10% are getting more buying power to invest in their 2nd or 3rd property. It means there will be a lot of buyers are flooding into the market in the next 5 to 10 years. Need not to count the foreigner investors and pensioners that always view Malaysia as one of the most cost effective country in the world.

Globalization Effect
It is by far even to tell all that the world is gradually becomes one. No matter where you stay and what country are you living in. Everyone can move from country to country due to business, education, cultural exchanges, sports and more.

The economics' factors that drive prices sky high in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, Japan, Australia and Europe. There will not be any cheap property anymore in any corners of the world depending on the urbanization rate of those cities. It is a matter of time but given those fundamentals in Malaysia economy, it will be also a pressure to boost the property price locally. We should not compare within ourselves between the current price and the historical prices. We have to look globally and compare with our peers.

Even today, if you compare to US property market that has been impacted by the sub-prime loan crisis. I believe apple to apple comparison between a bungalow in New York and in Kuala Lumpur, it has still a far difference between two. Well of course, some may argue that because of our GDP income is lower. But if you believe this figure will revise up in the coming year, It gives strong support that property prices in Malaysia will rise further.

Rising cost of materials
US dollar heading downwards, to certain extend I believe it is on purpose by the Federal Reserve and their governmental policies due to the strong challenge of China and Asian booming economies that cause continuous trade deficit in US. When dollar is heading down, all commodities trade with the benchmark using US dollar has been rising steadily. Example: Crude oil, steel, gold, iron and even food.

Couple with the intensifying demand from high growth countries like China, India, Indonesia and potentially African countries in the coming years. This is no more inflation, but is rather as asset revaluation stage. Most government has measured their CPI (Consumer Price Index) with core components that always excluded many necessity components that is vague in telling the clues related to actual inflation.

Given all factors that we have discussed above, It is strongly believes that low cost property in Malaysia is going to be a past subject. If we are following steps of Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea by example to be a developed nation, we should expect the property prices to be playing a catching role in comparison to these markets.