Sifting Through Commercial Real Estate in Houston Texas

by : Tim Dillard

If you are looking for low-priced commercial property for sale, Houston might not be your best bet. However, if you are looking to make a good real estate investment or buy premises that will really allow your business to grow and give you access to all of the clients you want, then you should definitely be looking at the commercial real estate Houston, Texas has to offer.

One of the things that has contributed sharply to the growth in the Houston property market is simply the fact that it has not slowed down as much as many other local property markets! The changes in subprime lending laws have resulted in a lot of Americans not having the money to purchase smaller properties, or spend as much as they like. However, Houston seems to have been relatively unaffected by a lot of these developments and property sales have not decreased significantly in either the residential or commercial sectors.

Houston, Texas has a lot of commercial real estate on offer, but some of these are better buys than others. All of these properties are chosen on high traffic count and are prime spots for commercial retail. Houston is a massive consumer community and retail stores with high traffic really do well in high traffic areas.

Several large name retail outlets have already moved in, and all of these enterprises are doing extremely well. The high traffic of this retail real estate is a veritable river of revenue, and many new businesses are enjoying unprecedented growth a few short months after opening in a new development.

Allot of the commercial real estate Houston, Texas has to offer has already been bought up, but new buyers need never fear as you will often find new developments changing hands several times in their first few years as ownership settles. There are a lot of good bargains to be found as companies sell of real estate to focus on other investments, and commercial buyers interested in picking up an excellent investment should look out for these.

Regularly checking the property listings will almost certainly lead to some excellent finds. A lot of new developments have not really been spotted by commercial interests from out of town, and many people have under estimated the Houston retail market.

There are developments where small retail premises can be bought for under $150,000, and these are all adjacent to well-populated housing developments situated in high income areas. If you are a retailer and you want to target a high-spending group, then some of the newer Houston neighborhoods are one place that you can really make a killing!

If you are buying simply for the sake of investing in commercial real estate, Houston Texas is definitely a great place to start for the first time investor. With low prices on fairly high revenue potential properties a careful investor can pick up a high income property for very little capital laid down. The rental from these properties will necessarily be low for the first year, but as soon as the retail potential of the premises becomes realized the rent potential will increase dramatically.

Buyers should not be put off with the recent slowing in housing sales in the area, because the number of new housing developments being built is a testament to the demand for new homes in Houston! Many people are relocating to this city and many investors are buying property in Houston for the same reason - stability.

While there seems to be an impending housing crisis just about everywhere else the property prices in and around Houston have suffered remarkably little from this. This shows great promise for long term property investors, as well as anyone who wants to ensure that their home appreciates significantly in value. This has great implications for anyone interested in investing in commercial real estate in Houston, Texas.