How to Find the Top Places to Live in Galveston County

by : Tim Dillard

Are you on the market for a new home? Texas is a great location and you can find top places to live in Galveston County, which lies on the Gulf of Mexico. What makes a "top home" the best? Well, it's a fine mixture of the house itself, the exact location, the community, and the natural environment. However, determining what you want in a house is the easy part; the hard part is actually finding that home! Here are some tips for finding new homes that will fit your needs perfectly.

-Work with a real estate agent. This is by far one of the best tips I can give you if you're looking for top places to live in Galveston County. Real estate agents will not only have an intimate knowledge of the best neighborhoods, but they will also understand the market in these different communities and be able to find homes for you in your price range. Essentially, the real estate agent does the work for you, and unless you're a real estate professional yourself, they can do a much better job. When working with a real estate agent, however, remember that they always want to make the sale. Make sure that you ask the tough questions that are important to you, or else the agent might not mention undesirable attributes of the house.

-Use the Internet to your advantage. The Internet is a wonderful tool in the real estate world, and even if you're not familiar with searching online, you should take the time to browse the World Wide Web for some house listings. Remember when using the Internet that you can't replace real life with pictures. Always travel to see a home before you buy it, because it may appear larger, brighter, newer, etc. in online photographs.

-Announce to others that you're looking for places to live in Galveston County. Word of mouth is a strong aspect of life. When you mention to friends, family members, and others in the community (your banker, your hairstylist) that you're interested in moving, their ears will perk when they hear someone mention that they're selling their home here. You can find places this way before the homes are even officially listed for sale, and when you and the seller have a mutual friend, they'll be more likely to accept your bid or even drop the price a bit.

-Set your budget and stick to it. Galveston County new homes can be extremely expensive. Set your price range before you even begin to look for new homes, and resist the temptation to visit more expensive homes - they'll only make the smaller, less expensive homes pale in comparison. Do a little research of your own and find out which communities (such as the city here) are more expensive than others, and if you want the biggest home possible for your money, look in the more budget-friendly neighborhoods. Remember, take into account the cost of any renovations you want to do to the home and don't break your budget with them! If you're price range is $175,000 to $185,000 and you find a $180,000 home that needs $20,000 worth of repairs, it's not in your budget as you may first have thought it to be.

-Set aside many months for searching. The best places to live in Galveston County are like gemstones - hard to find, but well worth the extensive search. Don't wait until the last minute to look for a house that fits your style. A proper search takes months or even years, and although seeing hundreds of homes can be frustrating, waiting to find the perfect one will ensure that you are happy living in it for years to come.

There is no one neighborhood to find top places to live. This depends on your personal preferences, as well as your budget. Spend some time doing your research and work with others to find the best home possible for you!