Dripping Springs Texas Real Estate Guide

by : David Bouthot

"Dripping Springs, Texas was established in 1853 by three local families. In the time since then, it has gone on to become one of the fastest-growing communities in Texas Hill Country, and is now popularly referred to as the ""Gateway to the Texas Hill Country"". It's no wonder that more and more buyers are looking for Dripping Springs homes. This region of Texas simply offers unparalleled value, natural beauty, that old-fashioned family community, and a real history. Plus, Dripping Springs Real Estate hasn't risen to the ridiculous home prices that's a fact of life in so much of Texas Hill country. It is still possible to buy a reasonably affordable family home here, and enjoy all the wonder and beauty that this area of the state offers.

Dripping Springs homes also offer superlative value because they are located ideally close to some of the major attractions of the area. The city is only 15 miles outside of Austin. A quick trip on US Highway 290 West gets you to Austin, one of the cultural, artistic, and educational centers of the region. If you want to commute to Austin but don't want to pay for the high property prices in the city, Dripping Springs real estate is an ideal choice because it allows you to have a haven outside the big city.

Dripping Springs homes are also attractive for many city slickers because the town has remained largely rural. There are number of ranches available and many people here raise exotic animals such as antelope, llamas, buffalo, as well as more traditional farm animals such as cattle, sheep, and goats. The small-town atmosphere and the wholesome country living make Dripping Springs real estate a true refuge for many people looking to escape the congestion, crime, and discomfort of city life.

At the same time, Dripping Springs homes aren't remote, the way that many rural centers tend to be. Homeowners in the area have easy access to the services and retail centers they need, while families like the fact that the acclaimed Dripping Springs School District has its schools in the area.

Since the city was incorporated in 1981, over 100,000 ft.? of commercial and retail space has been built in the area. Recent plans to include large big box stores will mean that this city's population of over 1600 will have even easier access to necessary services and products. Plus, all the recent development has meant that Dripping Springs real estate, more than ever, is a wise and valuable investment for the future. As more development occurs in the area, home prices will go up, making this an ideal time to buy.

Dripping Springs homes range widely, from newer built homes, to mature properties. Whether you want a ranch, single-family home, a rental property, or lots to build your own personalized custom home, Dripping Springs can deliver. You can even buy properties in one of the new master planned communities. These communities -- which include Pulte's Highpointe, The Preserve, and Beltera -- offer stunning new homes, all the latest amenities, and a real community feel."