Invest Your Retirement Money in Real Estate

by : Ken Fong

401k and real estate investing is one good example of putting your retirement money to work. By definition, a 401k is a retirement plan initiated by employers in which employees may save money for retirement. Saving money while working ensures employees that come retirement time, they will have money available for spending and/or investing.

One good way spend your 401k is to invest it. 401k and real estate investing can help employees earn extra for using their 401k in investing in real estate. It is not necessary for employees to scrape out money from their own pockets when investing since it is possible to loan or borrow from their 401k plan.

Paying back the loaned money from a 401k is also easy once you have earned from your real estate investment. So long as you are careful, organized and up-to-date when loaning money from and paying back your 401k, you are safe. The idea is to return what is due and to be on time when your due date comes. Otherwise, you could be charged with penalties.

401k and Real Estate Investing - Points to Ponder

The idea of using your 401k into real estate investing could be as inviting as well as daunting to some employees. There is no harm in trying; after all it is your retirement money that is on the line in case you choose to use it in this type of investment.
Here are some important things you should remember if you choose a 401k and real estate investment:

Ã?â‚??You should know the amount of money you can loan from your 401k. The amount of money you will be able to loan will actually depend on the amount of your 401k.
Ã?â‚??401k and real estate investing does not give you any tax benefit when you purchase for real estate.
Ã?â‚??You are not eligible for any mortgage interest tax deductions.

IRA and Trust Companies

If you want more flexibility with your 401k and real estate investment, you may also put your money into an Individual Retirement Account [IRA]. Though this move may or may not be allowed at some point. You can check with your employer or your 401k facilitator to give you advice about putting it into an IRA.

Putting your 401k investment in your IRA may pose risks and penalties. But if you are a risk taker, you will find that all these are worth it when you succeed at 401k and real estate investing.

Another option for 401k and real estate investing is by commissioning trust companies. These trust companies will do the buying and selling of real estate for you, so the actual work is not under your control. But your 401k will benefit from the profits that will be earned and given to you once these trust companies close deals in your behalf.

It is not common knowledge to most people who have 401k retirement plans that they too can make use of it to their advantage. There are other possible investing options out there. 401k and real estate investing is just one of the good options to choose from. But the rest is up to you and if you are willing to delve into this type of investing with all its risks and challenges.