Benefits of a Virtual Tour - When Listing your Home for Sale

by : Leaftech

The advent of the Internet has changed all sorts of businesses and transactions that people go through in the course of their lifetime, and real estate is no exception. The use of the Internet in selling homes has completely changed the way in which real estate transactions are done.

One big part of the shift to an online real estate market is the concept of the virtual tour. It's a pretty easy idea to understand; a home owner, or their real estate agent, or an individual hired by that real estate agent, shoots pictures or video coverage of the house for sale, including all rooms, the exterior and the interior. These images are then uploaded onto an Internet page where potential buyers can view them.

The virtual tour has several advantages for those wishing to sell their homes. Let's take a look at them.

Targeted market. A virtual tour can really thin the crowd of potential buyers. Many times people will realize that they are not in the market for a particular home after visiting it the first time, so the seller may not see an offer even though several different potential buyers are scheduled to look through it. It can be frustrating, but when a virtual tour is available people can decide whether or not they like the look of the house on first glance without getting your hopes up.
It allows you to showcase your home right away. Some houses, like some people, just don't photograph well on the exterior, but a look inside will demonstrate value. A virtual tour lets you overcome the handicaps of appearance and season on the outside and show potential customers that your home is meant to be lived in.
No more open houses! Many home sellers and real estate agents malign the open house. It can be very difficult to organize, too many people have access to one's home, and no one is really sure how well they work. A virtual tour will mean that an open house function of breaking the ice between the prospect and the home served by the idea of an open house is already taken care of, eliminating a major headache.
Show the house how you want it. With a virtual tour, you can show off your house how you want it, at its very best condition. No need to clean every time the phone rings until those who have already seen it line up an appointment!

Setting up a virtual tour is a great idea for any home seller. It allows potential buyers to become familiar with a house on the market without the hassle and disappointment that can come with first time showings.