Considerations When Buying an Etobicoke Condo

by : Leaftech

It seems as though condominiums are all the rage in terms of housing market sales these days, particularly in cities such as Etobicoke. Condos in Etobicoke are generally very competitively priced when compared to single family dwellings, and they also enjoy the convenience of location. There are some things to think about before you purchase that condo in Etobicoke, though; let's take a look.

Potential resale value. If you take a look at the current trends in condo advertising, you will see that a major point of appeal is the modern living style that the latest condo developments utilize and embrace. It's important to understand that this is unlikely to change in the next ten years, but your ability to market your own condo as modern certainly will. New developments are going up every year, so you might have a problem fetching an appreciated price for your purchase.

Narrow market. Not only will your condo possibly lack a good resale value due to competition, but your potential buyer market will also be narrow. Most condos in Etobicoke are designed for individuals or small (one child) families. Even so, most families will choose a yard over a recreation club, so you are limiting your market. For seniors this may not pose an issue at all, but for young singles it is something to think about.

No property! Owning a condo means that you own a space within a building, with no real claim over the building itself or on the land upon which the building has been erected. Again, that is fine for many people, but those who love to landscape may find themselves pining for some space in which to work.

Decisions en masse. It is also important to understand that owning a condo means you are not allowed to make individual decisions about your living space. Even renovations will have to be approved by the condo board as a whole, so your decisions are up to your neighbours. This extends right out to the building as a whole; if you are fine living with a group decision, then you will have no problem here.

In many cases, these potentially negative considerations of condominium ownership in Etobicoke are negated by the many benefits of the transaction. Convenient locations, an affordable price, and several amenities are always appealing to certain demographics, so if condo living is right for you, go ahead and own it!