Hawaii Real Estate-paradise for Outside Enthusiasts

by : Ken Smith

There's no doubt that Hawaii is many people's idea of a perfect paradise. With tropical beaches, dramatic sunsets, towering volcanoes and lush vegetation, the Hawaiian Islands are a showcase of natural beauty at its most spectacular. Add to this the laid-back island lifestyle, friendly locals, a rich cultural history and a great climate and it's easy to understand why so many vacationers and homebuyers are drawn to this archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean. While people of all different backgrounds and lifestyles find the Hawaii real estate market extremely attractive, homes for sale in this tropical region of the United States are particularly popular with those who enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

Consisting of eight main islands and dozens of smaller islands, Hawaii has plenty to offer with regard to geography and outdoor space. Whether you prefer water-based or inland activities, Hawaii has endless opportunities for every recreational enthusiast. By purchasing your own piece of Hawaii real estate on any of the volcanic islands, you'll be putting yourself in a prime location for enjoying nature, wildlife and sports. As a homebuyer, you can even select a community that will suit your lifestyle needs perfectly. From the capital city of Honolulu to secluded inland towns and rural communities, Hawaii real estate is available in a variety of different regions and locations.

Of course, one of the most popular features of Hawaii and the Hawaii real estate market is the vast number of incredible beaches. Offering everything from white sand beaches to black sand beaches, Hawaii has coastal areas suitable for a wide variety of different activities. Hawaii real estate owners with children can enjoy picnics as well as kayaking and swimming in calm waters at any number of family-friendly beaches such as Oahu's Kaimana Beach. Avid surfers are also drawn to Hawaii real estate, as both Sunset Beach and Waikiki Beach are known for their excellent waves in addition to their beautiful scenery. Other beaches that attract outdoor enthusiasts to Hawaii real estate near the water include Maui's Ho'okipa Beach, extremely popular with expert windsurfers, and Hanauma Bay, the best place on Oahu for snorkeling.

With so many fabulous beaches gracing the shorelines of the Hawaiian Islands, it's no surprise that beachfront properties in Hawaii are incredibly popular. From condominiums and townhouses to private family homes and luxurious mansions, waterfront homes for sale in Hawaii will appeal to people with many different needs, preferences and lifestyles. Not only do these properties offer easy access to beaches and places for water-based activities, they also feature breathtaking views and a front row seat for truly spectacular sunrises and sunsets. With many homes also coming with a host of other great features, beachfront Hawaii real estate consists of some of the hottest properties on the island market.

Nevertheless, while Hawaii's beaches are indeed stunning and offer excellent opportunities for numerous different sports and activities, many active and energetic owners of Hawaii real estate also enjoy the inland lifestyle. With gated communities, condo developments, hillside homes and communities centered on golf courses and country clubs, inland Hawaii real estate comes in many types and styles. Best of all for the recreationally-inclined is the fact that homes for sale in Hawaii's inland regions offer easy access to many locations that are perfect for enjoying a wide range of outdoor sports and leisure activities.

For example, owners of inland Hawaii real estate enjoy living in close proximity to a number of different golf courses. On the island of Oahu alone, there are more than thirty different courses, many of which are open to the public. The Hawaiian Islands are also a paradise for hikers, with a multitude of scenic trails offering routes for beginners to hardcore hikers. Among the popular hiking trails in Hawaii is the picturesque Diamond Head Crater hiking trail, which offers sweeping panoramic views of Oahu's mountains and Waikiki Beach. The Kalalau Trail is another fantastic route, particularly popular with experienced hikers, which runs along the renowned Na Pali Coast, providing views of lush valleys, majestic waterfalls and sparkling beaches.

When outdoor adventurers purchase their own piece of Hawaii real estate, they will also be able to enjoy a host of other year-round activities. Local sky adventures include skydiving, parasailing and hang gliding, while jogging, cycling and horseback riding are excellent ways to enjoy outdoor recreation on land. Hawaiian residents appreciate the fact that these activities not only provide great ways to keep fit and active, they also offer unique ways of experiencing the islands and all of their natural beauty. With so many incredible opportunities for sports and recreation, Hawaii is truly a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. So if you love outdoor adventure and want to take advantage of everything the Hawaiian Islands have to offer on a year-round basis, finding your own piece of property on the Hawaii real estate market is a great place to start.