Where Do the Successful Live?

by : John Adam

Every large modern city has a residential area which is usually associated with beauty, great amenities, and well-being. If we come to think about Sofia, however, most people would find it difficult to name one such area. There are single good-looking buildings here and there in the city centre, as well as a few scattered houses in the suburban areas. However, central buildings invariably face problems with traffic and overcrowded streets, and the suburbs suffer from poor infrastructure. So, where do Sofia's successful professionals and affluent families live?

In order to offer a satisfactory answer to this question, the real estate investment company Karrat Group Ltd. has started the development of an ambitious project. Its name is City of Fountains and its aim is to offer a brand new residential and office complex, different from everything that has been done before.

The idea behind City of Fountains is that it is possible to offer Sofia's home seekers and property investors a place with excellent location and transport connections, unrivalled amenities, and unique design - all in one.

The construction of City of Fountains began early last year. The complex is located in Sofia's Mladost 4 Residential Area, only 400 meters away from Business Park Sofia, Sofia's biggest business and office centre where many of the largest local and international companies are seated. It has excellent transport connections to the city centre, as well as to other parts of Sofia (being located conveniently close to Sofia Ring Road). Moreover, it is very close to the Vitosha Mountain and Pancharevo Resevoir - favorite weekend recreation destinations for Sofia's residents and guests.

The atmosphere which the complex has to offer is indeed incomparable to anything that has been previously done in construction. The complex will have numerous fountains running throughout its grounds, as well as many green areas for comfort and recreation. The complex and interior design have both been prepared by outstanding leaders in the sector and will ensure that City of Fountains is a known landmark in Sofia.

The amenities available in the complex will be selected to meet the lifestyle and habits of successful modern people and families - there will be an extensive fitness and spa centre, a swimming pool and various sports facilities, numerous cafes and restaurants, an on-site kindergarten, a significant retail zone and office centre.

By carefully taking into account all the needs of today's home seekers and property investors, City of Fountains now offers something that has never existed before - the home for successful people.