The Busy Street

by : Justin Lee

It is not so easy to sell a home these days, and if you are on a busy street, it can be even more difficult to tempt prospective buyers to your door.

A luxurious extra would certainly be a bonus here, something that can only be found in your particular home that will bring buyers to the door out of curiosity, and then they may be hooked!

Every house on the market needs curb appeal, but on a busy street, it is imperative to have an appealing front yard. Whether it has appeal because of the trees and footpaths or because of the double garage and paved parking is dependent on your circumstances. If your lot is large enough to have an office addition built onto your home, then be sure to advertise this asset. Businesses like a busy street!

You do have one big advantage - a lot of people will be passing by your home and notice that it is for sale. Ask your realtor for a sign that is bright and new. Ask for the WEB address to be showing very clearly.

Many people will only be quickly whizzing past your house in a vehicle, so they need a big, clear reference on the For Sale board that they can check up later; a web address is ideal as it offers a first step that is impersonal.

In today's housing market all serious sellers need to make sure that their homes are value-priced. This is even more important when you are selling on a busy street.

Think back to when you first bought the house. Was the street busy then? Did you buy it because you were offered it at a discount price that reflected the knowledge that it was on a busy street? If so, you can reduce the price slightly, knowing that you are just passing this discount along with the house.

If you can think of that luxury touch to get them in the house, splash out! Perhaps a Jacuzzi or a real mini-haven of a bathroom complete with a Victorian 'footed' bath-tub and matching decor. How about a home theatre or a professional looking bar or a walk in fridge?

They say there is a buyer for every home, and you know some people like to be in the thick of things! A good realtor will be an asset to you in this sale; he will have the knowledge of previous sales in the area, and can give comparisons to prospective buyers to prove that your house is a steal that reflects true realty value.