Exclusive Leads - No Competition

by : Mary

Every month, millions of consumers browse the web looking to buy or sell a home. Every agent wants to drive more of these home buyers and sellers to their website.

Out of all the many lead generation programs there are very few that offer exclusive leads that you and only you will receive. This causes some huge problems in the lead generation world. It frustrates agents and infuriates the home buyers and sellers because they receive 10 or 20 calls from agents.

The real secret to lead generation is to find exclusive leads and to follow up with them throughout their home search so you are always the agent on their mind.

You also have to find these leads at a cost effective price to keep your profit high. The average lead generation site will charge $15 to $25 per lead, but there are programs that offer yearly membership at a much more affordable cost. The average agent will make $2500 or more from each transaction so if you can find a cost effective quality lead source your return on investment is huge.

As an agent I am constantly looking for a website or service that embodies the things above and provides innovative tools. I have found a new one that I if you are an agent or interested in buying a home you should definitely check out.

Please take a minute to visit My Agent Finder. This is a new home search engine and directory that allows consumers to browse homes nationwide. They are only accepting one agent per zip code for membership. Once you are a member you will receive targeted home buyer and seller traffic and leads sent directly to your website.

Members can also submit their website or xml feed so all their sites MLS listings and their site listing will be displayed on the My Agent Finder Nationwide home search. Members can also add properties individually at no cost. There property feed is sent out to thousands of other real estate sties to guarantee that you get nationwide web exposure for all your listings.

You can customize your coverage area and choose the zip codes you want to cover exclusively.